PDC Home Tour: John Henderson on tidying his bedroom for darts fans

By Tyrone SmithBBC Scotland Sport
'It'll be strange having an audience seeing my bedroom' - John Henderson on PDC Home Tour

''Everybody back home watching, I had better make sure everything is clean.''

Scottish darts player John Henderson admits it will be "very strange" when he takes to the oche in his bedroom in the new PDC Home Tour event.

With sport in lockdown just now, the world's top players will go head to head from their houses in the innovative competition which starts on Friday.

Each player will be filmed on a mobile phone during their matches which will be broadcast using video conference technology on a split screen on the PDC's own channel.

For Henderson, 46, it means turning part of his Huntly home - his bedroom - into a temporary dart venue.

"It is looking alright, it is a bit of mess if I'm being honest, we have cleaned up as much as we can," said the Scot.

"I always remember watching that programme Through the Keyhole, and everybody gets a bit of stick about their houses being in a bit of a mess, so we have had to have a wee bit of tidy up, I am sure it will pass for the PDC requirements."

"The bed is still there, the rubbish - it is all my rubbish, not Veronica's [John's wife] - we just shunted that and moved a lot of stuff up to the loft.

"I have taken my posters down from the walls, I've just got the main framed shirts up on either side of the dart board so not really much has changed, it is just a bit cleaner.''

A league phase will be contested over 32 nights, with four different players competing in a round-robin format each evening.

The winner of each group will progress to the knockout stages.

''You have got to shout out your own score, so there is a lot of trust, none of us are cheats, everybody is going to be honest in what they are scoring," he said.

Henderson, who is 31st in the PDC World rankings, added: "You have got your football, cricket, golf, rugby, they can't do their sport at home, so we are lucky that we can do this."

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