Paralympics 2012: GB wheelchair basketball men - who's who?

The GB men's wheelchair basketball team

2012 Paralympics

Wednesday, 29 August to Sunday 9 September
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The Great Britain men's wheelchair basketball team head into the Paralympic Games looking to improve on the bronze they won in Beijing four years ago.

So who are those who have been selected to represent the GB team? who will be competing in his fourth Games in London, gives the lowdown on his team-mates.

Gaz Choudhry

Age: 27

Home Town: Karachi, Pakistan

Lives: Ealing

Bywater: "The pair of us are very alike - we live, eat and sleep basketball and we can spend hours talking about the sport. He is a very under-rated player but is one of the best shooters in Europe. He brings a lot of character to the team and he is good to have around on and off court and makes us smile. However, his musical taste isn't the greatest - he likes a bit too much rap for me."

Dan Highcock

Age: 30

Home Town: Whiston, Merseyside

Lives: Liverpool

Dan Highcock
Dan Highcock's hard work has earned him a Paralympic place

Bywater: "Dan and I also go back a long way and he is one of the strongest men I have seen in a wheelchair. He narrowly missed out on selection for Sydney and Athens and was only a reserve for Beijing, so I'm delighted he has been selected as I'm sure a lot of other athletes would have given up. He deserves it more than anyone as he trains and works so hard. Dan has muscles on muscles and his on-court energy is vital."

Simon Munn

Age: 44

Home Town: Aylesbury

Lives: Peacehaven, East Sussex

Simon Munn
Simon Munn will be competing in his sixth Paralympics in London

Bywater: "Simon is definitely the father figure of the team and to me he is an absolute Paralympic hero, especially now that he is competing in his sixth Games. He is a real bulldog and is a born winner. Whether it is a club game or a training session or a Paralympic final, or even a game of poker when we are relaxing, he wants to win. Last year he had a personal best in his fitness test and to have that hunger at his age is special but he is always doing the right thing and looks after his body. I'd like to be like that at his age (44)."

Matt Byrne

Age: 37

Home Town: Nottingham

Lives: Nottingham

Bywater: "Matt is the quiet one of the team but his knowledge of the game is superb and he is a great thinker and reader of the game. He is one of the best defenders we have. He doesn't say a lot but when he does say something, people sit up and listen. He is a gentleman on and off the court and has been around since Athens so brings a lot of experience. He is a tea lover and never travels to a tournament without a box of teabags in his kitbag!"

Jon Pollock

Age: 35

Home Town: Liverpool

Lives: Wigan

Jon Pollock
Jon Pollock will be a key figure for the GB Paralympic team

Bywater: "He is the joker of the team but he has also been one of the best shooting guards in the world for many years. He never stops learning about the game and has shown real gutsy commitment to come back from a serious shoulder injury which kept him out of last year's European Championship-winning team. He is a real sports lover and a big Liverpool fan, and whenever they lose he really takes it to heart and there is plenty of banter flying."

Matt Sealy

Age: 30

Home Town: Maidenhead, Berkshire

Lives: Maidenhead, Berkshire

Bywater: "Matt is the impressionist on the team. If you closed your eyes and heard him talking in an Australian accent, you would think he was an Aussie. He brings a lot of banter and energy and on his day he can give you a lot of points quickly. I played with him in the juniors and I am so pleased he has come through the ranks and is now established in the squad. He is a nice guy but his musical taste is a bit suspect - he is always listening to drum and bass."

Ian Sagar

Age: 30

Home Town: Sheffield

Lives: Barnsley

Ian Sagar
Ian Sagar will be making his Paralympic debut in London

Bywater: "We say Ian is the first name on the teamsheet and he wears his heart on his sleeve. He plays with so much passion and aggression, it means the world to him. I remember him starting the game as a young chubby fella who wanted to be the best he could be and now he is a true professional. He is great to watch because of his skill and determination and he loves what he does. He will be making his debut, so I hope he just concentrates on his game and doesn't get affected by everything."

Abdi Jama

Age: 27

Home Town: Burao, Somalia

Lives: Liverpool

Bywater: "Every team would love to have an Abdi Jama on their team. He is a one-point player and probably the best in his category in the world. He is a tremendous shooter and brings a lot of offence to our team as well as playing with bags of enthusiasm. His life story is inspirational and that is why people have a huge amount of respect for him. I am honoured to play with him."

Pete Finbow

Age: 37

Home Town: Bradford

Lives: Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

Pete Finbow
Pete Finbow brings much experience to the GB team

Bywater: "Pete is an animal. He is so strong in his chair and to this day he has never been moved sideways by any player. He brings stability, helping the ball handlers, and can slow the game down and read the right pass and we will need his steady head in London. He is the sort of guy you want to go to war with. He has captained the team in the past and will be my room-mate at the Games. He is another tea lover, so I will be kept busy when we are in our room - but I'm having the remote control."

Ade Orogbemi

Age: 27

Home Town: Lagos, Nigeria

Lives: Liverpool

Bywater: "The best defender in the world and the most hated player because of that - nobody wants to come up against him. He is one of the quickest, most dynamic and energetic players in the world. Ade gives it everything on court and when he finishes a game he is exhausted with the effort he has put in. If he is playing well, we play well."

Jon Hall

Age: 27

Home Town: Doncaster

Lives: Chesterfield, Derbyshire

Jon Hall
Jon Hall will hope to score heavily for GB in London

Bywater: "Jon and I started playing together when we were teenagers so we know each other well. He is in really good form at the moment and put in some great performances on our recent trip to Australia. He is shooting the ball and if he goes to London and performs and scores as we know he can, he will be a huge part of what we do. He is a real family man - he loves his wife and son and is an all-round nice guy."

Terry Bywater

Age: 29

Home Town: Redcar

Lives: Cleveland

Bywater: "My team-mates would say I am one of the jokers of the team and I am always making people smile or laugh. But I am loyal and constantly want people to be positive and playing with confidence. Offensively I am strong and a big-game player. If I am on song and perform, I think we will do well. I'm a huge Middlesbrough fan and I have been given so much grief by the others for the last three years about the fact that my team aren't in the Premier League. Hopefully this year we will get back!"

Coach: Murray Treseder

Bywater: "Murray is an absolute perfectionist. He works so hard and is relentless in what he does, but that is because he wants the best out of us. He has moved the programme on so much on and off the court, bringing in a lot of stability. He is Australian and there has been a lot of banter between us and him about our successes at the Olympic Games but I think he is getting more British day by day."

Assistants: Sinclair Thomas and Haj Bhania

Bywater: "I played with Sini in Sydney and Athens and it must have been difficult for him to make the transition from player to coach. But as an ex-player it is great to have him on the team. I owe a lot of my career to Haj as he gave me my first GB call-up as a junior and taught me how to shoot and push a chair. He has made me what I am today."

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