Special Olympics World Games: Nicola Wooldridge wins gold

Nicola Wooldridge with gold medal
Nicola Wooldridge claimed her gold medal in the final of the women's bocce singles on Friday

Nicola Wooldridge has won the Isle of Man's first gold medal at the Special Olympics World Summer Games in Los Angeles.

She claimed her gold medal in the final of the women's bocce, a form or bowling, on Friday.

Meanwhile, the Isle of Man's team captain Laurence Dyer added a bronze medal in the men's 3,000m.

Elsewhere, the men's 5-a-side football team have reached the final against Slovenia after 4-1 win over Japan.

The Isle of Man has sent its to compete in the event, which runs until 2 August and features about 7,000 competitors from 165 countries.

Manx athletes will take part in eights sports including football, swimming, bocce and cycling.

The Isle of Man team won 25 medals at the last Summer Games in Athens in 2011.

Nicola Wooldridge
Nicola Wooldridge represents the Isle of Man at bocce

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