Tokyo Paralympics: Para-athletes can protest but not on medal podium, says IPC

The Tokyo 2020 victory podium
The victory podiums for the Olympic and Paralympic Games were unveiled in June

Para-athletes can use their voices to campaign for social justice at next month's Paralympic Games in Tokyo - but not while on the medal podium.

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has announcedexternal-link its rules around para-athletes protesting at the event.

It follows a nine-month athlete-led consultation on when and where participants may demonstrate, protest and make political statements.

There is a similar ban on podium protests at the Olympics.

Para-athletes will be allowed to raise issues in the mixed zones - areas for speaking to the media - and in the International Broadcasting Centre or the Main Media Centre.

Participants could also use their social media channels to demonstrate, protest and make political statements, the IPC added.

"The exercise came at a critical time for the athlete community, where the voices of para-athletes have been incredibly influential in sparking and shifting the dialogue on social injustices faced by fellow citizens of the world," said IPC athletes' council chairperson Chelsey Gotell.

"We have worked to balance the perspectives - developing new opportunities to give athletes a platform while respecting the outcomes to protect the podium and field of play. "

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