Chris Mears & Jack Laugher win second World Series silver in Guangzhou

Chris Mears and Jack Laugher
Mears and Laugher scored 427.98 in Beijing last week

Olympic champions Chris Mears and Jack Laugher added another silver medal to their collection at the Fina/NVC Diving World Series in Guangzhou.

The Britons, who won silver in Beijing last week, scored 86.58 for their hardest dive - the front two-and-a-half somersault triple twist piked.

They finished with 92.34 for the front four-and-a-half somersault tucked and a final 3m syncho score of 450.60 points.

China's Cao Yuan and Xie Siyi won gold with a score of 466.02.

Russia's Ilya Zakharov and Evgenii Kuznetsov claimed bronze with 430.86 points.

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