Lewis Hamilton column: Silverstone, Senna and Hendrix

Lewis Hamilton Column
British Grand Prix on the BBC
Venue: Silverstone Dates: 3 July to 5 July
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After a busy week which featured a guest appearance on The Graham Norton Show and a trip to Glastonbury, Lewis Hamilton has answered the best of the #AskLewis questions you sent to the BBC Sport website.

In the run-up to Sunday's British Grand Prix, the world champion told us what he enjoys about racing at home, his dream team-mate, favourite grand prix and the other Formula 1 team he would like to drive for.

What is your favourite thing about racing at Silverstone? - Laurence Taylor

"Getting to see the fans. Home crowd."

If you could go back and relive one grand prix, which would it be? - Simon Lee Harrop

"It will always be Abu Dhabi 2014, when I won my second world championship."

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Archive: Lewis Hamilton wins second drivers' World Championship

Why did you change your helmet colour to white? - Cosmos

"I changed it because my team-mate Nico Rosberg had a yellow helmet at the time and because yellow just did not go with Petronas green on the car."

What is your greatest ever overtake? - Dani Lissoni

"Buckmore Park [a kart circuit in Kent] in 1996. I went into the last corner fourth and came out first, having gone around the outside."

Time in the car is limited so why did you skip testing last week, giving your main rival extra car time? - Trina S

"I had doctors' appointments, just some personal things I had to get checked out."

Have you cleared the clutch problem that affected you in Austria? Your starts were great before they changed. - Sabine

"A lot of investigation has gone into it. There was a problem with the car and they have worked hard to fix it."

Ayrton Senna
Lewis Hamilton would have liked to have had three-time world champion Ayrton Senna as a team-mate

Which era would you have like to have driven in most in F1 and who would you have as a team-mate? - James

"I would have had Ayrton Senna as a team-mate but I would race in this era."

What is the main thing you learnt from Senna's driving that you use in your driving today? - Bruton

"Just his aggressive style, I guess."

Who's your favourite guitar player and/or biggest influence on guitar? - Brian Basara

"Probably Jimi Hendrix."

Jimi Hendrix
Hamilton says Jimi Hendrix is his favourite guitar player

What's it like being close friends with the Kardashians? - Mike Johnno

"It's like having normal friends. They are great fun, really down-to-earth, loving people, which people probably don't get to truly see."

What advice would you have for aspiring F1 drivers? - Duke

"Just never give up. Don't let anyone tell you, you can't do it until proven otherwise. And that goes for any walk of life."

Do you agree with Niki Lauda that technology has ruined the job of the driver? - Gerard V.P.

"That is a personal opinion of his and it's not for me to judge. The situation is what it is, but it was better when there was less technology, for sure."

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton met Coldplay's Chris Martin at the Glastonbury festival

If you were Bernie Ecclestone for the day what would you do/change? - Grant Harvey

"Nothing in F1 gets changed in a day. It takes months and months."

As a driver for the last eight-and-a-half years, are you still able to view F1 as a fan, or only as a driver? - Alex Whitworth

"Yes, but of course I don't see it like a fan. Obviously I see it from behind closed doors and on my laptop, so I don't get to see it as a fan."

What's the one item you couldn't travel without? - Helen

"My headphones. I love music."

How do you feel about the current form of your former team McLaren? Do you think they will recover? - Mark Jones

"It's sad to see them where they are and I hope they will find their way back."

Lewis Hamilton cross-county skiing
During the F1 off-season, Hamilton trains by going cross-country skiing

If you had to race for any team other than Mercedes, who would it be? - Dani Lissoni


What is your physical training program? - Ant

"During the season, an hour to an hour and a half of running in the morning and then gym for an hour in the afternoon, which is weights and core. In the winter, I go to the mountains and do a lot of cross-country skiing."

Would you ever be tempted to try out Formula E or the World Endurance Championship? - Topher Smith

"No. I have no desires to do so."

Lewis Hamilton on The Graham Norton Show
Lewis Hamilton featured on The Graham Norton Show, alongside Rita Ora, Ewan McGregor and Jack Whitehall

You can follow Hamilton on Twitter @lewishamilton and you can see exclusive content on his website www.lewishamilton.com

Lewis Hamilton was talking to BBC Sport's Andrew Benson

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