Manager Walter Smith seeks Rangers stability

Walter Smith
Smith has met Rangers' prospective buyer Craig Whyte

Rangers manager Walter Smith says it is crucial the ownership of the club is sorted out soon to help bring stability to the club.

However, he insists the uncertainty is not having an effect on performance, because the players are accustomed to the turmoil.

'We don't have any great knowledge," said Smith.

"I don't think it's too much of a distraction, we just get on with the football, we have to wait and see."

Smith also confirmed he had met the man who hopes to buy the club, London-based Scottish businessman Craig Whyte, as part of the would-be owners' due diligence process.

''He asked me to explain what I felt was the current situation with the the squad of players and what I felt would be necessary in the future, that's all," said Smith.

Smith believes it's not his role to question Whyte about his plans for the club but confirmed that he told him of the problems retaining and acquiring players.

Meanwhile, Rangers midfielder Steven Davis says it is important for the club to bring in new investment as quickly as possible as he feels they cannot afford to lose any more players in the summer.

"As players all we can do is the job we're asked to and that's playing football. Hopefully the rest takes care of itself," said Davis.

"You can't help but read about what is being said but we've got a job to do and that's all we can concentrate on.

"It's got to the stage where we can't afford to lose any more players.

"The squad has been getting smaller and smaller over the last couple of seasons and it's now got to crunch time where hopefully something will happen in terms of a takeover and there will be investment in the team."

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