Wenger insists Fabregas misrepresented in interview

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger stands by his claim that Cesc Fabregas was misrepresented and his words "twisted" in a recent Spanish magazine interview.

Fabregas had appeared to undermine Wenger and a Don Balon statement said the articleexternal-link was "completely faithful" to the player's words.

But Wenger responded: "What they say is not interesting to us, they did not respect our agreement.

"They will never get an interview from us again, ever."

Fabregas apparently suggested in the article that Wenger would have been sacked if he was managing a similar-sized club in Spain - given that the Gunners have not won a trophy since their FA Cup triumph in 2005.

"It's clear that if you come to Spain and say to [Valencia coach Unai] Emery, [Barcelona's Pep] Guardiola or [Real Madrid's Jose] Mourinho that they'll win nothing in the next three years, it's obvious they wouldn't continue [in their jobs]," the 23-year-old Spain midfielder was quoted as saying.

Wenger's initial reaction was to say the author "twist[ed] completely the article and we are really upset about it."

That prompted Don Balon's publishers to post the audio of the interview on their website as well as release a statement that read: "We made a pact with the club that, if it were necessary, we would let them see the interview and make changes if they desired.

"When they asked for it, it was already in print but we sent it to them regardless. Revised or not, Don Balon would not have changed a single word of the article because it was completely faithful and respectful to the words of Cesc Fabregas."

However, speaking on Friday ahead of Sunday's trip to Bolton in the Premier League, Wenger was in no mood to back down.

The Frenchman responded: "I stand by my claim 100%. We had an agreement they had to send us copy for approval and it was not done.

"I maintain completely that they did not respect our agreement. The article in itself I do not want to discuss."

The row comes as Arsenal head into their last five games of the season trailing leaders Manchester United by six points.

Arsenal let a two-goal lead slip in the 3-3 draw at Tottenham on Wednesday, allowing Chelsea to draw level with the Gunners on 64 points.

"Arsenal had a big game against Tottenham," said Blues goalkeeper Petr Cech. "They were 3-1 up and threw it away. Now they are third for the first time in a long time so let's see how they cope with this new situation.

"They had plenty of chances this season to close the gap and haven't taken them yet."

But Wenger remains convinced that his side can win the title and dismissed any suggestion that Cech's club look the most likely challengers to United.

"Mathematically - and I was not too bad in maths - it's quite difficult to understand the logic of his statement," Wenger reflected. "When he have the same number of points I can't see the difference."

Wenger continued: "We have to add the winning mentality to the drawing mentality. We have a good basis because we are consistent.

"We have played 16 games without losing. What I feel is most important for us is to keep the belief and to win. I'm convinced if we win our last five games we will win the championship."

Wenger has been an animated figure on the touchline in recent weeks and appeared to have an angry exchange with Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish following their 1-1 draw last Sunday - the visitors' equaliser came deep into injury time at the Emirates Stadium.

But Wenger insisted: "I must say that in the last games I had no confrontations with the other managers.

"I would like you to see that if the other managers had confrontations with me it is not my problem. But I had no confrontation with any manager."

And when asked about his emotional reactions during matches, he added: "I cannot as well sit there and be placid like I am on dope!

"I care about the game and I'm motivated to win the game and agitated, yes. But it is one thing to be agitated and in control of your decisions and be lucid, or be completely out of control.

"I am not out of control. I am agitated because I want my team to win the game. Of course I am and I am ready to fight, believe me."

And when asked if he expected significant changes to his squad in the summer, Wenger replied: "Not at all. Our team is 23 years old [on average], why should we have a huge turnover at the end of the season?"