Jersey FA backs men's team manager Craig Culkin

Craig Culkin
Culkin has been Jersey boss since July 2010

Craig Culkin will remain manager of the Jersey men's team for the foreseeable future despite openly criticising the Jersey Football Association.

After beating Guernsey in the Muratti, Culkin complained there was not enough financial support for his side.

A series of meetings were subsequently held, with both parties acknowledging there had been "communication issues".

In a statement the JFA said: "Craig has expressed regret to using interviews to vent his frustrations."

It added: "Craig acknowledges the good work that the Jersey FA does and therefore agrees that the term unprofessional was inaccurate."

In the aftermath of Jersey's Muratti win, JFA chief executive Paul Creedon admitted it is a struggle to provide funding to all of the teams.

Commenting on the decision to support Culkin, Creedon said: "The Jersey FA were disappointed to hear Craig's comments immediately after the Muratti win in Guernsey and that he used that opportunity to criticise the association.

"After speaking to Craig it became clear that he had some valid issues, which the executive committee are to remedy around communication, resources and support.

"During these meetings the executive committee demonstrated to Craig and the management team the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to secure funding and other marketing opportunities and initiatives.

"Craig now feels that meeting with the executive following the Muratti has given him the confidence that the Jersey FA are working hard and professionally to addressing marketing funding and resource issues for the association."