Fifa issue Jack Warner Q&A after his resignation

Following the resignation of vice-president Jack Warner, Fifa has issued a Q&A to explain the situation.

Warner had been suspended by world football's governing body after allegations of bribery were made against him, but quit on Monday.

His resignation means Fifa will no longer pursue its investigation against him, confirming "all ethics committee procedures against him have been closed".

The Trinidad and Tobagan had been part of the organisation for 30 years.

Fifa Q&A

How was Mr Warner's resignation notified to Fifa?

Through a letter to the Fifa ethics committee.

Is Mr Warner's resignation with immediate effect?


How does the resignation affect Fifa and Concacaf? What will be the procedure to replace Mr Warner on the Fifa executive committee?

Please see article 30, paragraph seven of the Fifa statutes: "Any member of the executive committee who no longer exercises his official function shall be immediately replaced by the confederation or associations which appointed him for the remaining period of office."

Does Mr Warner's resignation mean he won't now be investigated by the Fifa ethics committee?

He will be investigated as a witness but not as an accused party. He has offered his support to the ethics committee in their continued investigation.

Please could you expand on the reason(s) for the Fifa ethics committee procedures against Jack Warner being dropped?

Please see article one of the Fifa code of ethics which says "this code applies to all officials". According to Swiss association law, Fifa only has jurisdiction on its affiliated members. If a person leaves or resigns from an association, Fifa has no jurisdiction on that person anymore. Hence the ethics committee had legally no other option than to close the proceedings. However, should that person come back to football, the investigation would be automatically re-opened.

Will Fifa examine Mr Warner's role in the affair, if as he says, he intends to continue to help Fifa with its inquiries?


Has he been offered some kind of immunity?


Could you also confirm whether any of the CFU countries could still face disciplinary action as a result of the Fifa ethics committee inquiry or whether that inquiry was just connected to the four people who were named as being under investigation?

Please note that the current investigation launched by the Fifa ethics committee is still ongoing. Should any violation of the Fifa code of ethics be established, appropriate decisions would then be taken.

What's the status of [suspended AFC president Mohammed] Bin Hammam's appeal request?

Mr Bin Hammam's appeal against the provisional ban has been received. The case will be submitted to the Fifa appeal committee in due course.

On May 29, the Fifa ethics committee stated that Mr Mohammed Bin Hammam and Mr Jack Warner would be initially suspended for 30 days. Will the investigation be extended, and for how long?

We also informed at that time that the provisional suspension could be extended for another 20-day period.

Are the investigations completed in the case of Mr Bin Hammam and Mr Warner?

Please note that the current investigation launched by the Fifa ethics committee is still ongoing and the provisional suspension of Mr Bin Hammam is still in place. We cannot speculate on the outcome of the main procedures.

However, as mentioned in today's Fifa media release: "As a consequence of Mr Warner's self-determined resignation, all ethics committee procedures against him have been closed and the presumption of innocence is maintained." However, Mr Warner will be heard as a witness.

What does "the presumption of innocence is maintained" mean?

If a person was not found guilty and such a decision became final and binding, the presumption of innocence is maintained. This is a basic principle in law.

Have you received the same resignation from Mr Bin Hammam?


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