Joint-boss Lee Canoville blasts 'too nice' Boston

Boston United

Joint manager Lee Canoville says Boston United need to be more aggressive after a 2-1 home defeat by Vauxhall Motors in Blue Square Bet North.

Michael Jackson gave the Motormen a 19th-minute lead which Josh Wilson doubled six minutes from time before Tom Hannigan's own goal made it 2-1.

"At the moment we're a little too nice," Canoville told BBC Lincolnshire.

"We want a little more aggression, not only in tackling but in demanding more from team-mates."

Canoville, who was in the dugout alongside Jason Lee for the first time this season beacuse of injury, added: "We really were not in the game in the first half which we're very disappointed with.

"We had good enough players to win the game. but Vauxhall Motors came to our home pitch and dominated us and that's not acceptable.

"If I was on the pitch I would be gutted that they were doing that to me and my team and we have to sort it out quickly."