Scottish beat Wanderers in shootout to win Charity Cup

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Jersey Scottish have won the Charity Cup after beating Jersey Wanderers 4-1 on penalties at Springfield.

The island's put Jersey Wanderers ahead after 17 minutes.

With nine minutes to go Matt Rawlings equalised, and with no extra time the match went straight to spot kicks.

Paul McLoughlin and Chris Mourant missed Wanderers second and third kicks as James O'Haire, Sean Doran, Kyle Rea and Rawlings all scored for Scottish.

After the match Scottish boss Pat Brennan said his side were lucky to come away with their third Charity Cup triumph.

"The game should have been dead and buried, Wanderers were excellent and should have been way ahead in the first half," Brennan told BBC Radio Jersey.

"I'm just happy to get a trophy this early in the season and hopefully it'll auger well for the rest of the season," he added.