Exeter City boss hopes to hopes to bring in striker

John O'Flynn
John O'Flynn has not played this season after having knee surgery

Exeter City manager Paul Tisdale says he wants to sign a striker on loan.

Tisdale has few options up front with John O'Flynn and Guillem Bauza both out injured and Richard Logan returning to full fitness.

"You always look in all positions because you're always looking to improve and strengthen, specifically in the top end of the field," he told BBC Radio Devon.

"Over the last month or two that area has been of most concern to us."

Tisdale already has Rowan Vine on loan from QPR, but says he is looking for more firepower.

But he says it has been tough to get the right players to come to St James Park.

"I've tried every day for the last three or four weeks to try and bring the right players in and I haven't been able to do it yet," he said.

City have scored six goals in six league games this season.

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