Kenny Shiels hits at 'pussycat' Kilmarnock defence

Aberdeen v Kilmarnock
Shiels claimed his defence let him down in the 2-2 draw with Aberdeen

Kenny Shiels blamed his powderpuff defence and referee Ian Brines after his Kilmarnock side let a 2-0 lead slip in their draw away to Aberdeen.

"Practically every decision went against us up until half time," the Killie manager told BBC Scotland.

"But the referee had a decent game and I am not being critical - I am just giving a cultured opinion.

"We are playing well going forward, but we're vulneratlbe and are like pussycats at times in our defending."

Goals from Paul Heffernan and Shiels' son, Dean, put Killie in charge at Pittodrie, but Andrew Considine and Youl Mawene levelled things up.

"We need more aggression, we need to be more assertive, but that's not there and well go over it again and go over it again until we get it right," said Shiels.

"If we are solid like teams like St Johnstone then we'll be in a better position to add that to our attacking options.

"But, at this moment in time, we're fragile."

Shiels thought his side were bullied out of three points after playing the better football.

"When you are from the camp that was 2-0 up and it finishes 2-2, you feel a little bit of disappointment," he said.

"If you reflect on the game and qualities the sides produced, we scored two football goals and we conceded two percentage goals, which disappoints me when you conside from a second-phase corner and then you concede from a long throw-in.

"It was absolutely ridiculous that we conceded that goal and I am very disappointed at that.

"I felt that the referee, to be fair, he was hugely influenced by the home crowd and some of his decision making.

"It is not a criticism. It is human nature that that can have an impact on your decisions."

Shiels thought his side had played negatively against his instructions in the closing stages.

"In the last 15 again, the same as last week, I was disapointed we did not go and win the game," he said.

"We started to slow it down and play for the point and that is not the way I want to play the game.

"We have got to go out and play to win games.

"We had the opportunity to take the initiative and we did not grasp it."

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