Brendan Rodgers slams Lawrie Sanchez N Ireland comments

Swansea City manager Brendan Rodgers has slammed Lawrie Sanchez for his recent criticism of Northern Ireland boss Nigel Worthington.

Sanchez had said that "the writing was on the wall" for Worthington's reign.

"It doesn't help when a former international manager comes out to speak against Nigel," said Rodgers.

"I couldn't believe it when I heard it - I find it incredible that someone who has been in that position and knows the pressures would come out against him."

"It's a very difficult job and you are only as good as the players at your disposal.

"As a manager I understand the pressures that come with the role, and that's equally as true at international level. You always get criticism.

"I think it's a case of getting things in perspective - we are a small nation and don't have a lot of top players to choose from.

"All our top players need to be playing for us to have any chance of doing anything, in terms of qualifying or winning games," added Rodgers.

The Carnlough man commented that he is very happy in his current role of club management at Swansea but would be keen to manage Northern Ireland in the future.

"One of my ambitions as a manager is to manage my country and I would be proud to do that one day."

As it stands, Rodgers' son Anton has declared for the Republic of Ireland, but his father says "that is not something that can't be rectified".

"I spoke with Gerry Armstrong recently as I'm a big advocate of Northern Ireland.

"I want to see Northern Ireland boys play for Northern Ireland and the reason my son is playing for the Republic is simple - they asked him while he was never asked to play for Northern Ireland.

"I've been speaking to Gerry and I think he's planning to go to Brighton to speak to him.

"Northern Ireland is a small country but we have a lot of talented players - we just have to look at how we can keep things moving forward."