Hugh Jackman regrets Norwich City investment 'mistake'

Hugh Jackman
Australian Hugh Jackman is a keen sports fan

Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman has said he regrets turning down an opportunity to invest in Norwich City.

The Australian, star of films such as X-Men and Australia, has said his mother lives in Norfolk and is a self-proclaimed Canaries supporterexternal-link.

"Sometimes I make big mistakes," the 42-year-old told BBC Radio 5 live.

"I got a letter about a year ago saying, 'Being such a huge Norwich City fan would I like to be a celebrity investor?', like a small part-owner."

He added: "I said, 'I think that's a little stretched, I've been to Carrow Road once, my mum took me', so I decided not to invest.

"And since then they're on a run, so what do I know?"

Norwich have recorded back-to-back promotions in the last two seasons to earn their place in the top flight.

But the club, synonymous with majority shareholder and celebrity cook Delia Smith, have not won a major trophy since a League Cup victory in 1985.

"People say to me about these underdog stories in Hollywood, 'it never happens in real life', but hey, Norwich city are in the Premier League," Jackman continued.

"I have the Milk Cup shirt, the commemorative shirt from 1984 [sic], there's really been nothing since that, except for Delia Smith's poached eggs.

"But there was really not much more going on until now and our big rebuilding."