Exeter City boss Paul Tisdale 'relaxed' despite position

Paul Tisdale
Tisdale says his side are 'a small step' from being a good team

Exeter City manager Paul Tisdale says he is 'relaxed' despite his side being bottom of League One.

City have won only one match in their last seven league games but Tisdale says his side will improve.

"I'm very relaxed with the way we're building the team, it hasn't been easy but I feel confident," he said.

"I'm pretty sure we're going to get better in the second quarter of the season, then the third and then the fourth," he added to BBC Radio Devon.

And Tisdale says his side are better than their league position would suggest.

"I know that we are a very good football team, we're a very small step from a team that could go and win six or seven games and I believe that.

"I think the point is I have a very clear picture of that step we need to make," he added.

Meanwhile Tisdale has confirmed that on loan striker Matthew Whichelow has gone back to parent club Watford.