Chelsea set to announce Stamford Bridge stadium sponsor

Stamford Bridge
Chelsea have played at Stamford Bridge in SW6 since 1905

Chelsea are set to announce a naming rights sponsor for their Stamford Bridge stadium in the new year.

This follows the club's failed attempt to buy back the land on which the ground is built, which could have facilitated a move to a new venue.

Chief executive Ron Gourlay said: "We have outgrown our stadium.

"We hope to make an announcement on naming rights in the next six to eight months. It would make a big step as we have to drive up the revenues."

Gourlay first revealed plans to sell the naming rights to the ground in 2009, stipulating that Stamford Bridge should remain in the new title and that a lease would be for between seven and 10 years.

Stamford Bridge currently holds 42,449 fans which drops to 38,000 on Champions League nights because of Uefa restrictions.

The quest to buy back the land in the Fulham Road on which Stamford Bridge is situated was rejected by shareholders in the Chelsea Pitch Owners company, who voted only 61.5% in favour of the proposal when 75% was required.

Gourlay said no decision had yet been made as to whether a new vote will be called at next month's Annual General Meeting but insisted: "We need a 60-65,000 stadium. We have the eighth biggest stadium in England and the 61st biggest in Europe.

"But when you look at the activity of stadiums planned for next few years, we will fall out of the top 75 which can only be restrictive to the football club. We have corporate hospitality that is second to none and 30,000 season ticket holders.

"In the meantime we continue on our conversations to see if there is any way at all to extend Stamford Bridge."