Lack of technique in English football concerns Poyet

Brighton boss Gus Poyet has expressed his frustration at the lack of technical ability in English football.

The Seagulls are due to announce plans for a new academy in December.

"I'm fed up with people talking about a lack of technical ability. People were talking about this when I arrived in England in 1997," he told BBC Sussex.

"If we stop talking and start doing something about it then maybe in 2025 we will have 100 better players in the Premier League."

Poyet, who last weekend celebrated his two-year anniversary as Brighton manager, added: "I'm very critical of what has been happening in England.

"And if you are critical and have the chance to do something, then you have to do it.

"We haven't done enough, but we are going to work on it. Brighton in 14 years will have better technical players. You can keep that quote, record it and play it back in 2025.

"We at Brighton will have better technical players because it is my responsibility. I would like the FA, and the other mentors to stop talking about it. We have lost too many years by just talking."

Poyet added: "We have to prepare the players. It is easy to talk about having a great academy but you have to influence the players and I am going to put my input into the academy also."

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