Guernsey FA Cup: Herm face holders North in first round

North celebrate winning the Guernsey FA Cup
North are the only team to have won the cup more than once

Herm have been drawn against defending champions Northerners in the first round of the Guernsey FA Cup.

North, who beat Belgrave Wanderers 4-2 in last year's final, are the only side to have won the cup more than once having lifted the trophy three times.

It is the second year that Herm have entered the competition after losing out 19-0 to St Martin's in the first round last year.

The fixtures are all due to be played over the first weekend in December.

Guernsey FA Cup first round fixtures

Belgrave Wanderers v Media United

Centrals v Rangers

St Andrews United v Rocquaine Pirates or Elysium North

Valencia v Sylvans Veterans or Rangers Under-18s

Northerners v Herm

Vale Recreation v Rovers

Sylvans v Geomarine Rovers Under-18s

St Martin's v Elizabeth College

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