Carlisle United reveal plans to leave Brunton Park

Brunton Park
Carlisle United have been at Brunton Park since 1909

Carlisle United have revealed plans to move from their Brunton Park home to a new stadium at Kingmoor in the north of the city.

The plans that would see a new 12,000 all-seater stadium built, ending a 102-year stay at their present home, were revealed to shareholders on Thursday.

Funding for the venue and surrounding buildings under the proposals would come from a development partner.

In addition, the new stadium would have office and training facilities.

A feasibility study found that the club's current site was a costly and unsuitable option for redevelopment.

Kingmoor Park was recommended by the study from 17 potential sites.

"Everyone was very happy with the proposal," CUFC Online independent website editor Tim Graham told BBC Radio Cumbria, having attended the meeting.

"From what the board were saying and the feasibity study, everyone in the meeting was for it.

"Once everyone realises what's involved with it, I think a lot of people will be for it to be honest."

The Cumbrians' existing ground meets the criteria set by the Football League to play in the bottom two tiers, but would not be suitable under regulations beyond that for the Championship.

"Football League regulations, released in 2009, stipulated minimum ground standards which we are currently struggling to meet within Brunton Park," chairman John Nixon said within the statement.

"The board would be doing a disservice to the fans if we didn't look into the future options for the club and report back to them for their input."

Carlisle's next step is to present the findings and results of the study to supporters, which will take place on 24 November.