Martin O'Neill offers to help in search for new NI manager

Martin O'Neill has offered to help the Irish FA's search for a new Northern Ireland manager.

O'Neill ruled himself out as a candidate last month but said he would help the IFA's efforts to land a successor to Nigel Worthington "if I could be of any assistance".

"They could just pick up the phone to me," O'Neill said.

The former Celtic boss also hinted that he could be interested in managing Northern Ireland in the future.

However, O'Neill reiterated that he is not interested in taking on the Northern Ireland job at this stage.

"To do the Northern Ireland job would be terrific [but] at this minute club management is something that I've been used to for quite some considerable time," he said.

"And from that viewpoint, it (club management) is something I would want to do at this moment."

O'Neill, however, made it clear that he would be happy to assist the Irish FA's search for a new boss.

"I'm quite sure the IFA would have no problem resolving the situation themselves but I would be prepared to assist them if they thought I could be of help," he said.

With O'Neill out of the running, Jim Magilton, Iain Dowie and Michael O'Neill have emerged as the early favourites for the job while Avram Grant and Dave Jones declared their interest in the job on Thursday.

O'Neill is hoping that the three former Northern Ireland internationals at least get the chance to be interviewed to succeed Nigel Worthington.

"I still think myself that somebody young and enthusiastic and with a bit of managerial experience could pull the team around," he added.

"It would be disappointing if they (Magilton, Dowie and Michael O'Neill) didn't at least get a chance to be interviewed for the job."

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