Exeter City boss Paul Tisdale looks to bring in loanees

Matt Oakley
Matt Oakley is back at parent club Leicester as he recovers from a thigh injury

Exeter City boss Paul Tisdale says he is looking to try and bring in a player to his squad before the loan window closes next week.

Tisdale has injuries to strikers Daniel Nardiello and Guillem Bauza, as well as full-back Billy Jones.

Midfielder Matt Oakley, who is on loan from Leicester City, is back with his parent club as tries to recover from a thigh injury.

"There's possibly a need for somebody at the moment," Tisdale said.

"But if we can do that, as always with us, it has to be at the right value because we haven't got too much to spend."

Tisdale is unsure whether Oakley, who signed on loan in September, will return to the club with his loan due to come to an end next week.

"With a muscular injury you've always got the potential that it might not heal as strong as you wish, he added. "When you come back you test it, you play and it could flare up.

"[It's a risk] taking a player on loan for another month, paying the wages and then that player not being fit.

"It's a risk taking somebody back that's injured, even if you think with a fair wind he's going to be fit within a week or two.

"Leicester haven't actually said 'yes he can come back' either. I've tried to have that conversation.

"I've tried to phone the last couple of days but Nigel's [Pearson] only been there a couple of days. I suppose we're a week off getting that information."