Celtic boss Neil Lennon regrets spat with fan

Manager Neil Lennon regrets Wednesday's heated exchange with a fan after Celtic's 2-1 win over Dunfermline.

"I'm annoyed with myself really," explained Lennon. "It's something I shouldn't have done.

"But I was irked by some of the comments that were being directed at the players after they played so well.

"People suffer from amnesia sometimes. They forget the first 80-odd minutes of the game and only want to concentrate on the last few minutes."

Celtic were leading 2-0 after 15 minutes and spurned several chances, including a penalty kick, before Dunfermline pulled a late goal back to set up a tense finale.

And as the teams made their way off the park, Lennon chose to indulge in an argument with a supporter.

"An anxiety spread throughout the ground, which I felt was unnecessary," continued Lennon.

"You'd have to be deaf not to be unaware of it because it's the whole way round the stadium.

"Sometimes I can understand that but on Wednesday I thought it was uncalled for.

"It can make the players anxious and cause the odd ricket here and there because of that extra pressure from the terraces."