Dunfermline seek call-off compensation from Scottish FA

Dunfermline are seeking compensation from the Scottish Football Association for the postponement of the Pars' home game against Kilmarnock on Saturday.

The Fifers' chairman, John Yorkston, described referee Bobby Madden's decision to postpone the match because of fog as "absolutely ridiculous".

"We can't afford to lose gate income for two or three months. Postponements greatly affect cash flow," he said.

The Scottish Premier League is to contact the SFA for an explanation.

Its secretary Iain Blair said his organisation "would be speaking to the SFA to understand the decision".

On Monday Blair said he wanted talks with the SPL's neighbours at Hampden "to see what lessons can be learned" about the postponement which was announced 90 minutes before kick-off.

Madden told BBC Scotland on Saturday that his assessment of the foggy conditions was accurate at the time and based on safety grounds.

He said: "I needed to take a decision at that time for the best interest of all parties.

"It was definitely not playable. What happens thereafter is not my concern."

What did transpire was that between Madden's decision and kick-off time the fog lifted.

Jim McIntyre held a training session for his team at East End Park once conditions improved.

On Monday, Yorkston told BBC Scotland that the club is writing to the SFA, copying in the SPL, "to register its dissatisfaction with the whole thing".

"The game should never have been postponed," said the chairman.

"At half past one the park was perfectly playable. It was a perfect day for football: the mist cleared.

"Everybody was shocked when the referee said the game was off.

"If his decision is based on safety then our safety officer and the police must be involved in the discussion."

Referee Bobby Madden and his assistants
Referee Bobby Madden assesses conditions at East End Park on Saturday

Yorkston said Saturday's postponement "has had a very bad effect" on the club's stretched finances.

"We only had one home game in November and now we are deprived of the income for this game," he continued.

"We had 350 people in hospitality, we had the undersoil heating on - that's £5,000- or £6,000-worth of fuel spent for nothing.

"We had the police and stewards turn up so we'll have to pay them again when the game is replayed. If anybody wants 500 pies, please give me a call!"

Describing the SPL basement side's financial situation as "OK at the moment", Yorkston was upset that cash-saving initiatives at East End Park had been diminished by the postponement.

"Closing the stand saved us £20,000, but that one game being off has undone all that good and more," he said.

"But we are not seeking punishment for Bobby. He is probably one of the better referees.

"We just want to make sure it doesn't happen again to us or anyone else. It has to be clear who can call games off and at what time.

"He should have taken into consideration the weather forecast. The forecast was that it would lift quickly, which it did.

"The referee has obviously taken safety as an issue and that is not an issue that he should be concerned with."

While the SPL will be speaking to the SFA about the incident, it is understood John McGregor, the league's match delegate, was not at East End Park at the required time.

Yorkston added: "We've raised that with the SPL. Their delegate should be at the ground at 1pm. He wasn't."

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