Kilmarnock's Kenny Shiels blames fatigue for equaliser

Kilmarnock manager Kenny Shiels
Kilmarnock manager Kenny Shiels saw his men lead against Dundee United

Kilmarnock manager Kenny Shiels blamed fatigue after his side conceded a late equaliser against Dundee United.

"The players were really tired," he said. "Not having a game last week didn't help.

"We haven't trained on grass once in four weeks and it has taken its toll. The players were really on their knees.

"Five or six needed to come off and we took the three players who were higher up the pitch off because we were trying to protect the lead."

Shiels was heartened by James Dayton's superb 25-yard strike, which put the home side ahead, and is not going to dwell on young substitute Matthew Kennedy's role in United's leveller.

"We brought young Kennedy on and he could have picked up the full-back, but he got inside to pick up the most threatening one and it was shifted across to Paul Dixon," he said.

"We had a blatant penalty turned down in the first half and we could moan about that, but that's only clutching at straws.

"They hit the inside of the post, we hit the bar.

"Our boys have gone off Astroturf onto a heavy pitch and these are justifiable reasons as to why the players were so tired."