Scarborough's Ryan Blott ban quashed after appeal

Ryan Blott
Blott has scored 11 league goals for Scarborough this season

Scarborough Athletic striker Ryan Blott has had his 112-day ban overturned following an appeal by the club.

He was suspended because of a Northern Counties East League rule which punishes players for picking up more than 10 suspensions over two years.

The Football Association found the wording of the rule was flawed and Blott and players from another three clubs had their suspensions quashed.

The NCEL is issuing a statement to its clubs explaining the flaw.

The rule applies to players that had received more than 112 days' suspension, or 10 matches in match-based discipline, in a period of two years or less from the date of the first offence.

This FA said the wording could be construed in different ways creating confusion over whether it applied to exactly 10 games or in excess of 10 games.

As a result, players who had missed exactly 10 games through suspension in the qualifying period have had their registrations with the league reinstated.

Scarborough Athletic chairman Dave Holland told the club's website: external-link "Following a lengthy conversation with the Baris NCEL Chairman this evening, I am pleased to announce that Ryan Blott was reinstated as a Scarborough Athletic FC player by the league on 3 January 2012.

"This flawed interpretation was one of the central arguments to our 30-page notice of appeal, and I am confident that our submission was instrumental in making it impossible for Ryan's suspension to be upheld.

"I am delighted that players from the other three clubs, Lincoln Moorlands Railway, Winterton Rangers and AFC Emley have also had their suspensions lifted, and this clarification to the rule will hopefully enable all clubs to better manage our players exposure to the brutal sanctions contained within it."