Weymouth FC players to become full-time

George Rolls
Rolls first took over at struggling Weymouth in 2009

Returning Weymouth chairman George Rolls says the club's players will carry out community work as part of the new full-time regime next season.

The Southern League club have taken the decision to return to professional status, saying that it is likely to reduce their current costs.

"The decision was not take lightly," Rolls told BBC Radio Solent.

"We've worked it out and it won't be much more than our current part-time budget in the Southern League."

Weymouth were close to going out of business in 2010 after building up debts of around £900,000 before Rolls came in and helped rescue the club.

And the Weymouth chairman says that paying the players' full-time wages will not put the club back into financial trouble.

"We've worked hard to get the club solvent over the past two years and on a good footing and we now feel we can push on and get the club into the Conference South."

Rolls also revealed details of the plan to get players involved in community projects and coaching.

"Whereas other clubs have their players in for a couple of hours a day, ours will still come in but will then go out and spend the rest of the time in the community and will make up the rest of their money coaching at local schools," said Rolls.

"The ideal is to go full-time with young pros who are young and hungry.

"We've got players travelling from Cornwall and Devon and if anything this is going to allow our wage bill to come down."

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