John Ryan comments 'disappoint' Bristol City chairman

Bristol City chairman Colin Sexstone has responded to comments made by his Doncaster counterpart John Ryan after Saturday's game at Ashton Gate.

Ryan criticised a challenge made by City winger Yannick Bolasie on James Coppinger, which left the Rovers midfielder with a fractured cheekbone.

The Rovers chairman said: "He goes in with excessive force. You'd get six months if you did that on the street."

Sexstone told BBC Radio Bristol: "I'm very disappointed."

He continued: "I saw the incident clearer than him as it happened right in front of me.

"My instant take was that it was a challenge, at worst it was a little late. No-one can say there was any intent and unfortunately injuries do happen in football.

"We feel sorry for James and hope he recovers as quickly as possible but to suggest anything else is very wide of the mark."

The incident occurred in the first half of Bristol City's 2-1 victory and while Bolasie received no punishment from referee Fred Graham, Coppinger was taken to hospital and it was later confirmed he could miss the rest of the season with the facial injury.

Despite Rovers manager Dean Saunders describing it as a "head butt", Graham did not include the event in his referee's report meaning no further action will be taken.

"The referee has agreed on his original decision and that doesn't surprise me," added Sexstone. "Unfortunately in football, if you go to head a ball you lead with your head. To suggest it was a head butt is ludicrous.

"He [Ryan] clearly has a warped view and it's a great pity that he decided to vent it publicly. We all need to move on now."