Harry Redknapp 'flattered' to be linked with England job

Harry Redknapp says he is "flattered" to be put forward for the England manager's role and admits it is the "ultimate job for an Englishman".

However, he claims it would be "very difficult" to manage England part-time while remaining Spurs boss.

And the 64-year-old added: "I'd be very surprised if I didn't finish the season with Tottenham.

"It is nice that people put me in a position where they think I've got a chance of the job", he said.

"Yes, it's flattering. Other managers have come out and said nice things and I appreciate everybody's support in everything that has happened in my life in the last little spell.

"I've had great support from everybody and that is important when you go through a situation I've been through you find out who your friends are for sure."

Redknapp has been put forward by England players Wayne Rooney and Rio Ferdinand, and former captains Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer, among others, as the successor to Fabio Capello, who resigned on Wednesday.

A succession of top-flight managers, including West Brom manager Roy Hodgson, have also come out in praise of the Tottenham manager.

However Hodgson, who has also managed in Italy and Sweden, said: "Harry's receiving all the backing from virtually all quarters, but it's up to them to decide what they want to do and I don't think it's right for people like myself to say: 'I'm interested or I'm not interested' in the job because I've no idea what the FA have got in mind and what they want to do.

"I think it's right to keep one's options open," he added.

Some reports have suggested that Redknapp may combine the Tottenham and England roles.

But the Spurs boss said: "It is hard enough managing a league club, let alone your country. It is two very difficult jobs and you have to focus on one job."

Capello resigned after a disagreement with the FA following the governing body's decision to strip John Terry of the England captaincy.

Earlier the same day, Redknapp was cleared of tax evasion following a trial at Southwark Crown Court that lasted just over two weeks and which he described as a "nightmare".

While he admitted managing England was the "ultimate job" for an Englishman, he expressed concerns about the pressures of the England role.

"You have to look at the whole thing and realise just what a tough job it is," he said.

"No-one has a magic wand. They've all found it very difficult. Whoever takes that job has a real job on his hands.

"It shows what a difficult job it is to manage England when you go and get Fabio Capello - there wouldn't be too many in the world better than him - and he found it difficult.

"There's been a lot of great managers since Alf Ramsey [England's World Cup-winning manager in 1966].

"Even the great Bobby Robson, who we all admire so much - even he found it difficult. He got slaughtered at times. He wasn't always well treated.

"Apart from Terry Venables in Euro 96, who came out with loads of credit, we haven't really had too much success, which shows what a difficult job it must be.

"At my age I have to do what's right for me. Whatever decision, my family will come first now. If the opportunity comes I will look at it in then."

Redknapp spoke to the media on Thursday and said he had not thought about the England job, but he admitted he had considered the post.

"Driving in this morning, three hours in the car, and you start to think about things," he said. "But it is a difficult job and things couldn't have gone better for me here [at Spurs].

"I can't take my eye off the ball at Tottenham. We are trying to get Champions League football and owe it to them to keep completely focused.

"The club have been great to me. [Chairman] Daniel [Levy] brought me here and it couldn't have gone better for me in the three years I've had here, and I love every minute of coming here.

"I've great players, an excellent team and I couldn't be happier than what I am here at the moment.

"Until the question gets asked - no-one has approached Daniel - there is nothing for me to consider.

"They may have someone else in mind. We are all guessing. Whoever they pick, I hope they make the right decision. All we can do is see what happens."