Paul Tisdale says Exeter's hard work is finally paying off

Exeter manager Paul Tisdale says that his side are finally getting the rewards their hard work merits.

The Grecians had won just once in 10 games and had failed to score in four consecutive outings prior to Saturday's 2-1 win over Sheffield Wednesday.

"I think we deserved something out of the ordinary because we put in so much effort," Tisdale told BBC Radio Devon.

"The fact is that we need three points every week and we do everything to attain them.

He added: "It was a tough day, the pressure was on us. We haven't won a game for a while and we've lost a couple.

"I want these players to keep playing like they did today which was whole-hearted, purposeful and together."

With his side sitting five points above the relegation zone and having played at least one game more than the teams below, Tisdale wants his players to be ready for the challenges ahead.

"I asked the players what their favourite day of the week was, and one or two of them said Sunday. We had a bit of a laugh about that, but the reality is that the toughest days are the best days, the toughest days are the days we like the most because there is a challenge there.

"There are those that want to meet the challenge and those that don't and won't and can't. We had a team that met the challenge today," he concluded.

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