Guernsey FC players dominate island's Muratti squad

Angus MacKay

Guernsey boss Kevin Graham has named just three non-Guernsey FC players in his squad for the Muratti semi-final in Alderney on 17 March.

North top-scorer Nigel Hutton and his team mates Chris Le Cheminant and Simon Tostevin are the only members of the squad not playing for Tony Vance's Combined Counties League side.

Guernsey FC top-scorer Ross Allen is one of 13 Green Lions players picked.

Guernsey must beat Alderney to set up their annual clash with Jersey in May.

They were at The Track in last year's Muratti.

Guernsey squad (* indicates a player who has played for Guernsey FC this season):

Chris Tardif *, James Hamon *, Simon Geall *, Chris Le Cheminant, Joby Bourgaize *, Ollie McKenzie *, Sam Cochrane *, Jamie Dodd *, Angus MacKay *, Kieron Mahon *, Matt Warren *, Craig Young *, Ross Allen *, Simon Tostevin, Dave Rihoy *, Nigel Hutton.