David Moyes says a 'new breed' of owner undermines authority

Everton boss David Moyes says a "new breed" of owner has made it difficult for managers to assert their authority at a club.

And he believes candidates should check they have full control by interviewing their chairmen before taking charge.

Moyes, who celebrates 10 years at Everton on Wednesday, said: "We need to find out how this guy giving us a job is going to react to defeats.

"How is he going to react to wins, or when you are having to change things?"

Andre Villas-Boas was sacked by Chelsea after less than a season in charge - and Moyes, 48, made his comments in an interview with Football Focus.

Moyes added: "Is he going to be completely supportive in your decisions at the club, whether it be moving on senior players, whether it be introducing young players?

"You need to know whether you are going to get that backing. You also need to know you've got a sense of control. You look at [Manchester United manager] Alex Ferguson and [Arsenal boss] Arsene Wenger, they've got great control of their football clubs.

"They don't do every single thing but they know the most important thing is the manager.

"[Chairman] Bill Kenwright has allowed me to do that at Everton. The new breed of chairmen and owners coming into the game now is making it more difficult for that situation to happen."

Moyes was manager at Preston before being appointed Everton boss in 2002 and, although he has been linked with other posts and has ambitions to win silverware, he maintains his current focus is firmly on his job at Everton.

He said: "I'd never be disrespectful to Everton. They have done a great job for me.

"They gave me that chance when I was young. I don't really want to hear any talk about any other clubs because I'm Everton manager.

"I hope there's a lot more to come from me and I hope there's a chance I might win some trophies along the line.

"I'm ambitious and I'm still young enough where there's time to try to do great things. I hope that's with Everton but l'm sure I will sit down at the end of the season with the chairman and see what we are doing."

Watch the full interview on Saturday's Football Focus at 1215 GMT on BBC One and on this website.