Motherwell boss Stuart McCall angry at Aberdeen dismissal

Motherwell manager Stuart McCall
Motherwell manager Stuart McCall

Motherwell manager Stuart McCall has expressed his frustration with referee Craig Thomson after being sent to the stands during his side's 2-1 Scottish Cup defeat by Aberdeen.

The Dons' opening goal came from Rory Fallon after a debateable corner decision in the first half.

McCall was then dismissed during half-time after confronting Thomson.

"For them to stop me doing my job is totally wrong," insisted the former Rangers and Everton midfielder.

Fallon struck again with a 16-yard volley just before the break for the visitors before Nick Law fired in a late consolation goal.

McCall was unhappy that Thomson had awarded a corner when it appeared the last touch had come from Aberdeen striker Scott Vernon.

The Steelmen manager insisted Thomson should have realised his mistake and awarded Motherwell a free-kick to rectify the situation.

"That decision was hugely disappointing," said McCall.

"Everyone gets decisions wrong but all you've got to do as a good referee is look at the response of the opposition. Aberdeen have turned round and gone back to the halfway line. That tells you it's a goal-kick.

"You see it week in week out. If a corner has been given that's not a corner, the ball comes in and they end up giving a free-kick.

"Aberdeen have got five boys who are 6 foot 2 plus and we've got three just making six foot, so they are going to win headers. One decision like that can cost you.

"I was thinking, 'they're going to score from this', but you just hope that Craig, as a good referee, is going to blow up somewhere. It didn't happen and that just frustrated me."

McCall also insisted Thomson was wrong to send him to the stand, despite admitting confronting the official at half-time.

"All I said was that when you see it again, the decision is embarrassing. It's not a verbal criticism of him as a person," insisted the 47-year-old.

"I didn't call anyone embarrassing and I didn't swear. That's one million per cent what I said, so if he's accepting that and still sending me to the stand then something can't be right."