Premier League: Richard Scudamore repeats technology call

By Richard ConwayBBC Sport

Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore has again called for the use of goalline technology in football to help referees.

Scudamore told BBC Sport: "I hope to see some goalline technology or a wider use of technology to help officials because it's football's toughest job.

"They do a great job but there's things we must be able to help them with and we should be doing that."

Mata scored Chelsea's second of five in their 5-1 victory over Tottenham in their FA Cup semi-final on Sunday - although it appeared to have not crossed the line.

Scudamore, talking as the Premier League celebrates 20 years since taking over the running of England's top division, thinks keeping hold of the top players and making sure attendances do not drop are the key challenges for the years ahead.

He said: "The challenges remain the same - keeping the talent here in this country. My plea to the clubs is carry on doing what you've done - I never have to apologise for them investing their money into playing talent because that's the bit from which everything else flows.

"There will be ever more increasing challenges about doing that. Other countries will develop their own leagues and investors. Keeping the grounds full is a very important challenge in these touch economic times."

But Scudamore is adamant that the League has a bright future: "In any given season, as long as there's competition at the top, for those European places and relegation - you end up, as we inevitably will do this season, with very few games in the last two weekends where there is nothing to play for.

"In fairness the clubs have always stepped up and played their full part right until the end.

"That's what keeps us ahead of the curve compared of many other leagues - we always have something going on and an integrity to the competition - driven by the fact there is so many battles going on all over. If you can create those mini-competitions within it, it's good for everybody."

And with Reading returning to the top division, Scudamore was also eager to extend a welcome back to a team who have been absent from the Premier League for four years.

He said: "All of a sudden Reading came through in the last three or four months - the run they've been on has been brilliant and they've done it with a couple of matches to spare, which is fantastic for them.

"It's great to have them back, they were very good citizens when they were here. It's great for Brian McDermott. With what Brendan Rodgers did last season for Swansea and their relationship, it'll be very interesting to see them both in the league."

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