Chick Young's view on Rangers

By Chick YoungBBC Scotland football pundit
Ibrox Stadium could be abandoned like Third Lanark's Cathkin Park
Ibrox Stadium could be abandoned like Third Lanark's Cathkin Park

What will be the post-mortem result if Rangers don't make it out of administration? I would suggest assisted suicide might be the coroner's verdict.

The financial machinations, the mismanagement and the greed of the club have dragged an institution to the brink of the abyss. Of that, there is no doubt.

At times, the owners of Rangers and sections of their support have shown an arrogance that has those of a different persuasion - and by that I mean followers of every other club in the land - spitting fury.

You will understand then their joy at the revelation that the school bully is on his knees - and their seizing of the opportunity to give him a right good kicking.

They want a lynching. And actually they might succeed, because the victim is now a little frail.

Let's cut to the chase here. The belief that there will always be a Rangers in some shape or form is not now actually justified.

There is a scenario now possible where they could board up Ibrox and leave it to rot as they once left dear old Cathkin Park - home of the late-lamented Third Lanark, another club that died of shame.

The new strip worn in their fundraiser against Linfield might not have a team to fill it next season
The new strip worn in their fundraiser against Linfield might not have a team to fill it next season

Rangers are suffocating, trapped in a tunnel where the oxygen is thinning and doors and escape hatches are slamming in their collective faces.

As Duff & Phelps receive their regular wages, everyone else is coughing a little nervously. No, make that wheezing alarmingly.

The prospect of a Company Voluntary Agreement to exit administration was the lifeboat. But it might be too late to call the coastguard now.

and, as of the final home game last week, the income has dried up. HMRC haven't turned up with the tax bill that could kill and owner Craig Whyte has resisted talks with former director Paul Murray and fellow bidder Brian Kennedy to release his grip on the key shares.

As it happens, I still believe that the aforementioned Kennedy remains the most likely salvation. But he has yet to nip into the telephone box and emerge as the caped crusader.

Amid this, supporters of the club have told a would-be owner from the United States that he isn't welcome. I couldn't believe that.

I really cannot see that anything but a "newco" and the embracing of that by the Scottish Premier League is left for the club now.

If only there was another way - relegation to the First Division maybe as punishment for the behaviour. But there is no mechanism for that.

The death of the Ibrox club would toll the bell for the Scottish game. In fact, it may already be too late. It strikes me that too many have little concept of how serious the situation really is.

Those who want Rangers wiped from the face of the planet for their misdemeanours, who want their chairmen to don the black cap when it comes to judgement day, are entitled to their opinion, but they should be prepared to live with the consequences.

Consider this: on a match day when Rangers are at home and Celtic away, far in excess of half the paying customers in the SPL are at Ibrox.

Remind me on what basis you can dispense with half your custom and still thrive and you, my friend, have found the secret of business heaven.

In the meantime, have compassion for 11 good men at the SPL who will stand in judgement of a football club needing mercy. Condemned if they grant it, pilloried if they don't.

Only a game? Aye, right.

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