Chelsea v Bayern Munich: Champions League final

By Tom RostanceBBC Sport
Chelsea celebrate

Chelsea 1-1 Bayern Munich (Chelsea win 4-3 on penalties)

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2359: What a night for Chelsea, what a night of drama. Big thanks to you all for your participation. Join us back here for Norway v England next Saturday - the season never stops...

Victorious Chelsea defender David Luiz on Twitter:external-link "Thank you everybody! Big hug geezers!"

Danny Till on Twitter:external-link "Really happy for Lampard, such a good player who gets a lot of undeserved abuse. Was never going to miss his penalty."

Lampard's penalty was fantastic as well. Emphatically smashed in.

BBC Sports news correspondent Dan Roan in Munich on Twitter:external-link "Bayern fans are stumbling away from the stadium in stunned silence. Chelsea beat them on their pitch. Now they'll party in Munich's streets."

2348: To add to that Roberto di Matteo was losing to Scunthorpe in the League One play-offs three years ago. Quite a rise.

CyberFC on Twitter:external-link "Premier League coach two years ago, sacked from West Brom and jobless a year ago, and now European Champion. RDM - a Cinderella story."

Will, Manchester United fan, on Twitter:external-link "How can you feel sorry for Bayern? They had 34 shots on target and a penalty missed. They bottled it! Chelsea - fair play."

2344: I wonder where this defeat leaves Bayern coach Jupp Heynckes? He's obviously had a very strong season but a poor run-in - losing the Bundesliga and the German Cup final to Borussia Dortmund, and now the Champions League on their own turf. Time for a change?

Will McFarland on text: "No feeling sorry for Bayern. Had positions been reversed Chelsea fans would get laughed and jeered out of Munich! That's football I guess."

Tom Barber, Chelsea fan, on text: "I'm not ashamed to say I cried. That is why I love football! Fairy tale ending, what a year!"

Matt, Spurs fan, Romford, on text: "Congrats to Chelsea (through gritted teeth). Can't believe Spurs won't be in the CL next season given the position we were in. Still waiting for an apology from Redknapp for that dismal run, but I reckon we'll just be given the same old excuses instead."

2336: I wonder what the atmosphere in Munich is like right now. A city full of Bayern fans drowning their sorrows. Having been there for the World Cup of 2006 and for an Oktoberfest, I imagine they'll all be having a drink regardless. You have to feel a bit sorry for Bayern - don't you?

HT George on Twitter:external-link "Chelsea beware of making your interim manager permanent - look at what happened with Dalglish."

Charlie North on text: "The sight of Di Matteo crying at the end shows his passion for the club. If he doesn't get the job it's an insult to football."

2328: Bayern had 35 attempts on goal this evening to Chelsea's nine. They had so many chances to bury the game, but Mario Gomez in particular was guilty of fluffing his lines. He'll need to be more clinical in the summer if he is to help Germany win Euro 2012.

Andrew V on text: "Let's not forget that was an away win. How would anyone else feel coming to Old Trafford or Stamford Bridge against the home team for such a final..."

BBC Sport's chief football writer Phil McNulty in Munich: "Lots of adverse comment about John Terry's place on the podium as Chelsea lifted the trophy. Uefa allowed it to happen so it's their responsibility."

2321: Here's Roberto di Matteo: "We have a group of players that have a big heart, passion and desire and that was the only way to achieve this trophy.

"It was an immense effort from everyone and we are very happy. Bayern is a good team and when they scored there wasn't much time left and in a game like this you need players to rise to the occasion.

"He's [Drogba] been incredible for this club. He scored a fantastic goal to keep us in the game and then the penalty to win it. I won''t talk about it [my future] now."

Former England goalkeeper Nigel Martyn on Twitter:external-link "Cech's 2nd penalty save from schweinsteiger was class but barely got a mention #keepersunion"

I'll hold my hands up to that one, I thought Schweinsteiger hit the post but it was tipped on to the woodowrk. Great save.

2315: We're still waiting for Roberto di Matteo, but here he comes...

2311: Chelsea captain John Terry had to watch all that from the stands after his nonsense of a red card aginst Barcelona. He got to lift the trophy in the end though, and here he is: "It's probably harder watching. The lads were fantastic from start to finish.

"When our backs are against the wall we step up to the mark. You look at that trophy and that's what we have wanted and what the owner wanted and Robbie has been superb. We have won the FA Cup and Champions League and he (Roberto di Matteo) can't do anymore than that.

"It was do-or-die, win the competition or we would not have been in it next year and that was enough to motivate us before the match."

Will, Chelsea fan, London on text: "Chelsea, champions of Europe! That is all. We love you Chelsea!"

2309: The Champions League final is back at Wembley this time next year by the way. Will Chelsea be there?

Isreal, London, on text: "I'm changing my name to Didier Drogba by deed poll. What a hero of a footballer, £24 million well spent!"

2305: Yep, Fernando Torres can now put 'Champions League winner' on his C.V., next to World Cup winner and European Championship winner. Just Premier League to go now then...

BBC Sport's chief football writer Phil McNulty in Munich: "The sight of Fernando Torres leaping on Branislav Ivanovic in sheer elation suggests he may now feel his struggles after leaving Liverpool have been worthwhile. Roman Abramovich is singing and clapping. About as close to an interview as he's ever got."

Julian, Cambridge, on text: "Re Stephen Derby. Football is about scoring goals, tackling, passing, defending, team work. They deserved to win. Cech only had to make one save in the game of any note because Bayern weren't good enough to create many clear-cut chances."

2301: Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech played a big part in that win - don't forget he saved a penalty from Arjen Robben in extra-time. "It was a rollercoaster ride," Cech said.

"We all enjoyed it. When it goes to extra-time there is pressure and I thought Robben would go for power and shoot that way.

"Today I faced six penalties and six times I went the right way. Whatever happens to him [Di Matteo] he has got two fantastic cups. He's done enough to get the job but now it is up to the board to decide."

Former Chelsea and England defender Graeme Le Saux on Twitter:external-link "What a team performance. Will be days before it sinks in!! Well done Robbie."

Liam Hadley on Twitter: external-link"If I was Di Matteo I would as far away from Chelsea's poisoned chalice as possible. Nothing that can surpass that!"

Anish Panchmatia on text: "Roberto Di Matteo has done something that not even 'the Special One' himself could do - win the Champions League with Chelsea. Fully deserves to be given the manager's job."

2252: Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard: "I can't believe it. The season we have had, the determination and spirit we have shown.

"Our main man Didier Drogba has dug us out there. He is a hero. Without him we are not here. He scores the goals in the big games. This is the one we really wanted."

Stephen, Derby, on text: "Chelsea are the least deserving of the Champions League trophy since its inception. Anti-football and luck all rolled into one."

Anthony Percival on Twitter:external-link "Chelsea won the Champions League tonight with things money can't buy. Passion, fight, luck and teamwork. Well played."

2250: Didier Drogba was asked about his future but he made a very swift exit...

2249: Chelsea's match-winner Didier Drogba: "It was [fate] I believe a lot in destiny. I pray a lot. It was written a long time ago. God is wonderful. This team is amazing. I want to dedicate this Cup to all our managers and players before. It [the goal] changed the game mentally. I'm very happy. Life is fantastic."

BBC Radio 5 live summariser, and European Cup winner, Mark Lawrenson on Chelsea's victorious interim manager Roberto di Matteo: "You have got to give massive credit to Di Matteo. He's not been sure what is going to happen to him tomorrow, never mind the players. What he has done is get them all together and they have raised their game. He got the more experienced players back into the team and boy has that made a difference."

2248: John Terry and Frank Lampard hoist the trophy up high - Chelsea are the Champions.

2246: Roberto di Matteo and the Chelsea players have picked up their medals, and here comes John Terry. He's found a full Chelsea kit from somewhere.

2245: There's a hug from Roman Abramovich for Roberto di Matteo. "I won it!" the Italian screams. He has.

2244: The Bayern players are picking up their losers' medals from Michel Platini. As Morrissey said: "Losing in front of your home crowd, you wish the ground would open up and take you down..."

Arsenal and England midfielder Jack Wilshere on Twitter:external-link "Every English man should be proud of Chelsea! Even Arsenal and Spurs fans! What a season it was!"

2242: Did Petr Cech get a hand on that penalty from Schweinsteiger? If so it was a great save. Ivica Olic was the other Bayern player to falter, his was a poor effort. Juan Mata missed for Chelsea, another poor effort, but hats off to Ashley Cole and David Luiz in particular for exceptional penalties. Luiz hared in off a run-up a fast bowler would be proud of. He was at least five yards outside the area, and smashed it into the top corner. Bang.

Dave, North Yorks, on text: "Schweinsteiger only hit the post because Cech got a hand to it - it was saved!"

2239: Surely Chelsea have to give Roberto di Matteo the manager's job now? And surely they have to keep Didier Drogba?

BBC Radio 5 live summariser, and European Cup winner, Mark Lawrenson: "Chelsea have won this trophy with their performances away from home. Their performances at Benfica and Barcelona really set them up for this night."

BBC World Service producer Joanne Smith in Munich: "Bayern fans flood to the beer garden exits - stunned silence here in Munich."

BBC Radio 5 live pundit, and former Manchester United defender, Steve Bruce: "We've said it for 24 hours - is it written in the stars for these Chelsea players to win this final? To show the courage they have, to come back, to beat them on penalties after missing the first one, is quite a remarkable achievement. Well done Chelsea."

BBC Sport's chief football writer Phil McNulty in Munich: "Fitting that the great talisman Didier Drogba took the penalty that ended Chelsea's long wait to win the Champions League. How can Chelsea possibly let this lucky charm walk away? A victory for resilience, discipline, organisation and nerve."

2235: The other major news is that Tottenham will be in next season's Europa League of course. Chelsea will have the chance to defend this trophy.

2234: Plenty of tears on the pitch, with Roberto di Matteo among the celebrations. Who would have thought a few months ago that Di Matteo and Eddie Newton would be Champions League winners? Amazing stuff.

2231: It had to be Didier Drogba didn't it? He was as cool as you like when it mattered as well, steering his spot-kick into the corner. The shoot-out hinged on a most un-German spot-kick from Bastian Schweinsteiger, who stuttered in his run up and saw his tame effort hit the post. Chelsea have well and truly crashed this party in Munich.


Penalty scored: Chelsea 4-3 Bayern Munich (Didier Drogba)

Penalty missed: Chelsea 3-3 Bayern Munich (Bastian Schweinsteiger)

Penalty scored: Chelsea 3-3 Bayern Munich (Ashley Cole)

Penalty missed: Chelsea 2-3 Bayern Munich (Ivica Olic)

Penalty scored: Chelsea 2-3 Bayern Munich (Frank Lampard)

Penalty scored: Chelsea 1-3 Bayern Munich (Manuel Neuer)

Penalty scored: Chelsea 1-2 Bayern Munich (David Luiz)

Penalty scored: Chelsea 0-2 Bayern Munich (Mario Gomez)

Penalty missed: Chelsea 0-1 Bayern Munich (Juan Mata)

Penalty scored: Chelsea 0-1 Bayern Munich (Philipp Lahm)

2221: It looks like Bayern are taking the first penalty and they will be at the Bayern end.

BBC Radio 5 live pundit, and former Manchester United defender, Steve Bruce: "There are a lot of tired, tired bodies out there. But it's vitally important to keep your concentration when taking a penalty. Don't lose focus and, most importantly, don't change your mind. Pick your spot and make sure you stick to it."

2217: Hold on tight everyone. Someone will be a hero and someone a villain in the next few minutes. It can't be John Terry again, there is that...


2214: A penalty shoot-out against a team full of Germans. In a stadium full of Germans. In Germany. There's no way Chelsea can do this - is there?

Ceiron from Leighton Buzzard, on text: "Re 2203. Will Nick be allowed to name the baby after the winning goalscorer I wonder?"

2213: Into the last three minutes. Both sets of players look shot.

Dan, Colchester, on text: "Is Robben still being paid by Chelsea? Every shot seems well off target!!"

Rizzy on Twitter:external-link "Chelsea's game this now, got a feeling they're hungrier then the German team. Munich look flat."

2209: There are six minutes left. It's got penalties written all over it.

2207: If Bayern Munich don't win this tonight they will look back at a catalogue of chances. They have missed a shedload. And here's another one as Gary Cahill does brilliantly to clear from inside the goalmouth.

Petr Cech (left) saves a penalty from Arjen Robben (right)
Chelsea keeper Petr Cech makes a crucial save from Arjen Robben's penalty to keep the scores level in extra-time

BBC Radio 5 live summariser, and European Cup winner, Mark Lawrenson on Olic's effort: "What a chance that is. If he gets the pass right it's a tap-in. It was probably a bit tight for him to shoot. He's gesticulating to Van Buyten that it was a cross."

Nick, Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester, on text: "Wife in labour. Having to snatch quick looks at your mobile coverage. Wife only has passing interest for some reason..."

2203: What a chance for Bayern! A sweeping pass from Philip Lahm picks out Ivica Olic all alone at the back post. He is caught between two minds and instead of burying the volley, tries to square it for Daniel van Buyten and the ball rolls across the face of goal.

BBC Sport's chief football writer Phil McNulty in Munich: "Both sets of supporters trying to lift these tired players for the final push. Chelsea's approach will be intriguing because Fernando Torres has looked a real threat since he came on."

2200: KICK-OFF

2158: So what do we need now in the next 15 minutes. A red card?


Sam Tomlin on Twitter:external-link "Why on EARTH did a team full of Germans let a Dutchman take that penalty??"

John T, Birmingham, on text: "Drogba to grab an extra time winner. 2-1. Happened on Fifa earlier so must be true..."

2155: Fernando Torres beats his man wide on the right and swings in a great cross, but it is nicked away from Didider Drogba by a Bayern head. Chelsea having a good spell now.

Former Chelsea player-manager Ruud Gullit on Twitter:external-link "Angel on the crossbar is striking again."

2153: Credit where it's due to Petr Cech, he was up so quickly to snaffle the loose ball after he had saved that spot-kick. There are some very tired looking legs out there now.

BBC Sport's chief football writer Phil McNulty in Munich: "Poor penalty. Schweinsteiger couldn't watch. He had to rely on Neuer to give him the bad news."

2151: Arjen Robben netted a penalty in the semi-final against Real Madrid, but that was nearly saved as well. Chelsea have had more lives than an accident-prone cat tonight.

BBC Radio 5 live summariser, and European Cup winner, Mark Lawrenson on Arjen Robben's missed penalty: "It was a poor penalty but it doesn't matter. It's a great save if you keep it out. It seemed for a split second that when the ball came back off Cech it might fall to Robben for another bite of the cherry."

BBC Sport chief football writer Phil McNulty at the Allianz Arena: "Bayern's fans are stunned here. They were about to celebrate victory and now Chelsea's hopes have soared again after Petr Cech saved Arjen Robben's penalty."

2149: Franck Ribery was injured by Didier Drogba and he is off, with Ivica Olic on in his place. It may not have been a classic final for the majority but what a last 20 minutes we've had here.

2147: Oh my word! First of all Didier Drogba threatens to ruin his superb performance by fouling Franck Ribery inside the box. It's a clear penalty. Arjen Robben smashes the spot-kick low but it's too central and Petr Cech saves with his legs. Game on...



2144: Fernando Torres goes down in the are under a Jerome Boateng challenge but there's no penalty given - it would certainly have been soft...

JC on text: "Surely Chelsea should win on away goals?"

BBC World Service producer Joanne Smith in Munich: "Huge drama in Munich - The Bayern fans were still celebrating - they thought it was all over here at Hirschau beer garden.

"The flags and scarfs are no longer being waved but there's a rush for more beer!"

BBC Sport chief football writer Phil McNulty at the Allianz Arena: "Bayern coach Jupp Heynckes and his backroom staff really having to rally their players after Didier Drogba snatched the Champions League away from them. Chelsea will be reinvigorated."


2141: Chelsea manager Roberto di Matteo is going absolutely mad at his players down there - I've never seen him so animated. You'd think he would be pleased.

BBC Sport football pundit, and European Cup winner, Mark Lawrenson on 5 live: "Unbelievable when you consider how late, through Mueller, Bayern scored. Chelsea's first, and only, corner and it was a roaring leap by Drogba - unstoppable. Chelsea are very much in this game. The spring will be in their legs now. They were gone, it was all over, beaten finalists, Bayern were going to win the trophy."

Adam on text: "Manchester United fan here but Didier Drogba...performs on THE biggest stages!"

2136: Extra-time it is then. My word. If this is Didier Drogba's last match for Chelsea he has certainly played his part. What a fantastic header that was - unstoppable.

2136: FULL-TIME Chelsea 1-1 Bayern Munich

BBC Sport chief football writer Phil McNulty at the Allianz Arena: "Chelsea are simply refusing to give up on this Champions League. Down and out and yet revived by the great talisman Didier Drogba. Their fans are starting to believe."

2134: We are into three minutes of stoppage time. For the first time all night Chelsea have plenty of men forward but the move breaks down.

BBC Sport football pundit, and European Cup winner, Mark Lawrenson on 5 live: "Drogba made some ground there. It was a thumping header. I just wonder if Bayern had somebody on the post would they have headed it away?"

Didier Drogba and team-mates celebrate the Ivorian's equaliser
Stunning. Didier Drogba's powerful equalising header sends the game to extra-time

2132: Great drama. This season has been full of it.

2129: Goal: Chelsea 1-1 Bayern Munich (Didier Drogba 88 mins)

What a header! Sir Les Ferdinand would be proud of this one. Juan Mata swings in a corner from the right, Didier Drogba gets across his marker at the near post to pummel a header into the roof of the net. That was sensational. Not sure if it was deserved, but Chelsea are level.

BBC Sport chief football writer Phil McNulty at the Allianz Arena: "Cruel on Chelsea's defenders but in reality the goal has come to the team showing ambition. As you might expect, the giant Allianz Arena is exultant."

2128: Thomas Mueller heads off to be replaced by former Man City defender Daniel van Buyten. I just wonder if Petr Cech could have done more with that goal?

2127: Chelsea have now got Fernando Torres on in place of Salomon Kalou. There are five minutes left.

Thomas Mueller heads in for Bayern
Mueller breaks Chelsea's resistance, heading Bayern into the lead with seven minutes of the game remaining

2124: Goal: Chelsea 0-1 Bayern Munich (Thomas Mueller 83 mins)

You can't say it's not been coming. Toni Kroos helps in a cross from the left wing, it sails over Mario Gomez and Ashley Cole to Thomas Mueller, who heads down into the turf and up into the roof of the net. Chelsea on the brink of defeat.

Dan Hocking on Twitter:external-link "Drogba might not be freed up on the attack, but he's done outstanding on the defensive end tonight."

You're not wrong Dan. Brilliant at the back.

2122: Big handball shout for Chelsea as Franck Ribery chests away a ball - but that's never been a spot kick. Good decision from referee Pedro Proenca.

BBC Sport football pundit, and European Cup winner, Mark Lawrenson on 5 live: "Chelsea have done that wonderfully well - just stood up when Robben and Ribery have been running at them, making it difficult for them to get past."

2119: There's only been one goalless Champions League final so far - AC Milan's tepid draw with Juventus at Old Trafford in 2003. Thomas Mueller is the latest Bayern player to have a sniff of a chance, but he drags his shot across goal.

Chris, Chester, on text: "This reminds me of 1991 - Marseille were only team trying to score, but Red Star Belgrade sat back and won on pens."

2116: There are 15 minutes left (of normal time) in Munich. Franck Ribery beats one man and drives to the byeline, but that man Ashley Cole is there again. Cole has been superb.

Mike Hodgkiss on Twitter:external-link "Why are Bayern consistently attacking down their right flank? Cole is blocking everything!!"

2115: We've been waiting for a glimpse of Didier Drogba, and here it is. He skips away brilliantly from Anatoliy Tymoshchuk down the left and puts in a dangerous low cross which Bayern hack away. Chelsea send on Florent Malouda for Ryan Bertrand.

Sarah, Pontefract, on text: "Why is a defensive display such a bad thing? A brilliant defence is just, if not more important as a brilliant attack. It's the backbone of the beautiful game."

2112: As some of you have pointed out, I'm not sure playing for penalties against the Germans is a wise move...

2110: That chat we had before the game about the importance of the first goal looks even more crucial now. Just over 20 minutes to go. I don't think Juan Mata has been within 30 yards of the ball in this half.

BBC Sport football pundit, and European Cup winner, Mark Lawrenson on 5 live: "I think Chelsea are going to get an outstanding chance in this game. It may be enough."

BBC Radio 5 live summariser, and former Manchester United defender, Steve Bruce: "The question is can Chelsea keep the ball and cause a threat? Because it's there for them if they can reach the other level they've got."

2106: Bayern win another corner - off Ashley Cole's hands. A muted penalty appeal is waved away though, Cole had turned his back on the ball. Didier Drogba then shows his defensive qualities again as he shrugs off Philipp Lahm on the edge of the Chelsea box.

2105: BBC Sport's chief football writer Phil McNulty at the Allianz Arena: "And so it begins again. Bayern's attack against Chelsea's defence. England may not have many world-class players, but at the highest level Ashley Cole has proved once again tonight that he is one of them."

BBC World Service producer Joanne Smith in Munich:

"Over 1500 Bayern fans at the Hirschau beer garden thought Franck Ribery had made the breakthrough - huge celebrations, but they didn't last long.

Fans tell BBC World Service they need to make their pressure count."

2102: Didier Drogba would make a terrific centre-half if he ever fancies a Dion Dublin-style switch to the back. He makes a big header to clear from in front of Mario Gomez. Chelsea are half an hour way from extra-time.

Franck Ribery's (second left) effort is ruled out for offside
Bayern's Frank Ribery thinks he has scored early in the second half but his tap-in is ruled out for offside

John Mogg, London, on text: "Re Wes 2035. Why don't you switch over to Casualty then?"

Mr Coles on Twitter:external-link "If Chelsea win is there any other player other than Cahill whose two teams over a season have been relegated and won the CL?"

2101: Tremendous block from Ashley Cole stops another Arjen Robben shot. Heroic defending.

2100: We are closing in on the hour mark. A reminder of the Chelsea bench tonight: Michael Essien, Oriol Romeu, Fernando Torres, Florent Malouda, Paulo Ferreira and Danny Sturridge. Options there, but I don't think Roberto di Matteo will wnt to change it at the minute, will he?

England spinner Graeme Swann on Chelsea:external-link "Bayern's profligacy is going to cost them here. It'll finish one-nil to the Russians, a Drogba overhead kick."


Oooh, a heart-stopping moment for Chelsea. Thomas Mueller runs down the left, his cut-back finds Arjen Robben on the edge of the box. His low shot hits Ashley Cole and spins out to Franck Ribery, who applies the finishng touch. But he is ruled - correctly - offside.

Richard Maguire, Belfast, on text: "Re Wes, Manchester, 2042. Don't be bitter. If Chelsea win the Champions League it's because they deserve to win it. People forget defence is as important as attack. And I'm not a Chelsea supporter, but I enjoy seeing British success in Europe."

2052: Didier Drogba controls a long ball forward and tries an outrageous 35-yard volley. It flies wide, but it was not a bad effort at all. Chelsea need to get him into the game.

2051: Toni Kroos chances his arm from 25 yards and nearly takes David Luiz's head off with a shot. It's cleared away but it's all Bayern.

2050: If anyone wondered what an assistant manager brings to the table, it's bulletproof football sense like that.

Chelsea assistant manager Eddie Newton: "We are looking for a bit more possession and to contain them so we can get into the game a bit more."

2047: Bayern out of the blocks quickly in the second period as Franck Ribery skips clear down the left and bullets in a cross which David Luiz clears on the stretch.


Sebastian Cook on Twitter:external-link "Torres will repay that £50million price tag nicely and give him an exceptional career of winners in both Euro and CL Finals."

2044: Not a huge amount of love flooding in from you lot for that first half. An early goal in the second half is needed for the neutral I feel.

Everton captain Phil Neville on Twitter:external-link "Munich put a lot of energy into that half could fade in second. Chelsea are right in this."

Bayern Munich's Mario Gomez attempts an acrobatic effort
Mario Gomez has the best opportunities for Bayern in the first half but spurns them all, including blazing a superb chance over the bar late in the half

2042: Bayern continue to probe the flanks with the left wing proving slightly more fruitful for them. The five crosses from Franck Ribery's side have found a target 40% of the time as opposed to 0% from the right. Chelsea have improved their possession as the half has worn on. They actually had more of the ball than Bayern in the last 15 minutes. I know that's hard to believe but the stats don't lie...

Wes, Manchester, on text: "Boring, boring Chelsea! You might win it but you'll be the most undeserving team EVER! Surely Roman hasn't spent all that money to watch this."

BBC Sport football pundit, and European Cup winner, Mark Lawrenson on 5 live: "Chelsea are growing into this game which is the key. I think Chelsea will be delighted it's 0-0 at half-time and Roberto di Matteo will accentuate the positives. In all honestly Gomez should have put Bayern in front. Chelsea have held on a little bit but in the last 10 minutes or so they started to show a little more belief."

Rishi Verma on Twitter:external-link "Re 2028. I would be more disgusted with Gary Cahill being sold that 'dropped shoulder' by Gomez than the latter's awful miss!"

2035: BBC Sport chief football writer Phil McNulty's half-time snapshot:

"Bayern have had all the chances but Chelsea will be very happy to reach half-time on level terms. Mario Gomez's wayward finishing has come to Chelsea's aid and Roberto di Matteo's side will need to show more ambition after the interval."

2033: So then, was that pretty much what we expected? Chelsea weren't exactly hanging on but Bayern should be ahead. Mario Gomez may have scored 40-odd goals this season but he's missed at least two clear-cut chances every time I've seen him play.

Matt, York, on text: "Ironic how Abramovich has sacked managers for not playing attractive football but it is a brand of anti-football which could win him that Champions League he craves!"


Chelsea's goalkeeper Petr Cech saves in front of Bayern Munich's Bastian Schweinsteiger
Chelsea's Petr Cech looks assured during the first half to provide stubborn resistance to the Bayern attacks

2030: Bayern fans in fine voice here - it's the Dominic Matteo song favoured by Leeds fans reverberating around the arena. The lyrics may be different though. Almost half-time.

Leigh Tullett on Twitter:external-link "There's one player tonight who is happy whatever the result. Bayern's number 26 - as he is Contento…"

2028: There's certainly more tempo to the game now as Chelsea open up a bit - and MARIO GOMEZ AGAIN! Dear oh dear. He runs on to a Thomas Mueller flick, sells Gary Cahill totally with a drop of the shoulder but then blasts miles over the top. I retract my Andy Cole comparison. Cole would have tested Petr Cech at least from there.

BBC Sport football pundit, and European Cup winner, Mark Lawrenson on 5 live: "Kalou's shot is encouraging for Chelsea. It was a very good break and they moved the ball quickly this time."

Simon on text: "Yawn. Anyone seen any football in Munich yet...?"

2025: Another chance for Mario Gomez at the back post as he runs on to a mishit effort from Franck Ribery, but he can't control it. There was a delightful touch from Arjen Robben in the build-up as well.

2022: Chelsea now alive as Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard combine to find Salomon Kalou on the right, he drills in low but it's easily saved by Manuel Neuer. Better.

2021: This time Bayern should be ahead! Diego Contento crosses in from the left, Mario Gomez is free and connects beautifully with the volley - but it's two yards wide. He doesn't half miss some chances. Like the German Andy Cole.

Ben Epps on Twitter:external-link "Bayern hold different threat to Barca, faster play, more width, more direct. Chelsea struggling to cope."

2019: Juan Mata lines the free-kick up, he bends one over the wall but it's way too high. First shot for the Blues though...

2018: Good play from Gary Cahill as he brings it out of defence like a young Alan Hansen. He plays a one-two with Salomon Kalou and is tripped by Jerome Boateng. Chelsea free-kick.

BBC Radio 5 live summariser, and former Manchester United defender, Steve Bruce: "The longer it goes, the better for Chelsea. But we must see them take care of the ball better - that's the disappointing thing for me."

2016: There is a rare break from Chelsea, with Juan Mata floating in off the flank to release Ryan Bertrand down the left but his touch is poor and Bayern clear.

Mike Linwood on Twitter:external-link "I'm new to this soccer game. When is it Chelsea's turn to go on offense?"

2014: Arjen Robben pumps his shot into the wall and Chelsea survive. But at the mid-point of the first half, only two of Bayern's final third attacks are down the middle of the pitch, according to Prozone. Robben and Frank Ribery are causing huge problems already.

Bastian Schweinsteiger of Bayern Munich takes a shot
Bayern seize the iniative from the off and create a number of chances but are held at bay by Chelsea

2013: Bayern keeping the ball effortlessly as they look to stretch the Chelsea backline. Thomas Mueller eventually buys a free-kick from David Luiz on the edge of the area...

Niall Stevenson on Twitter:external-link "Chelsea are there for the taking. Just a matter of time before Bayern score."

BBC Sport chief football writer Phil McNulty at the Allianz Arena: "Chelsea playing this Champions League Final like a European away game - which it effectively is. The big worry so far has been Jose Bosingwa, whose uncertainty has brought a couple of touchline lectures from Roberto di Matteo."

2009: It's wave after wave of Bayern pressure which Chelsea are soaking up fairly well. I've just had a premonition of England at the Euros this summer. We could be seeing plenty more of this...

BBC Sport football pundit, and European Cup winner, Mark Lawrenson on 5 live: "Cech didn't know much about that save in all honestly. But Chelsea survive."

2007: Oh, the closest we've come yet! Arjen Robben drifts over into the centre of the pitch, he beats two defenders easily and drives in a low shot which Petr Cech is fortunate to see come off his shins and up on to the crossbar. Chelsea living on the edge.

2005: For all the pre-match chat of Ryan Bertrand, I don't think he's touched the ball yet. Chelsea are very disciplined in their shape though.

Usman, London, on text: "Re 1956. It's going to take more than that spider on Kalou's head to scare Bayern Munich."

2004: Bayern win a corner which is vollyed in at the back post by Arjen Robben, the ball flies across goal and out for another corner. Thomas Mueller then finds Mario Gomez in space but he tries to take a touch instead of shooting and the chance has gone. Big chance.

BBC Sport football pundit, and European Cup winner, Mark Lawrenson on 5 live: "It's absolutely fine for Chelsea. There have been a couple of opportunities where Bayern have cut in but Petr Cech has not been tested. It is important Chelsea keep their shape. If they open up against Bayern they are in trouble."

2002: Didier Drogba is living off scraps up there at the moment, he kills a long ball from Jon Obi Mikel well but can't find Salomon Kalou on the right. He's very isolated up front.

Bayern fans' mural at the Allianz Arena
The Bayern fans' mural reads, "Unser Stadt. Under Stadion. Unser Pokal" which translates as 'Our City. Our Stadium. Our Cup'

2000: Gary Cahill has come a long way in a short space of time, from a relegation dogfight to the Champions League final. He could be starting for England at the Euros as well. He's been solid so far.

BBC Radio 5 live summariser, and former Manchester United defender, Steve Bruce: "Chelsea, in the last two or three minutes at least, have had some possession of the ball which they needed to do. Their defensive organisation is essential because they must stay compact. They are starting to settle."

1958: Bayern look to hit big man Mario Gomez for the first time, but David Luiz does well to stand up to him in the area and Gomez can't control his header. Expect to see more of that as the game goes on.

Vicky on text: "Re 1925. Erland Johnsen who Chelsea bought after that cracker for Norway against Scotland."

Full house on the Chelsea-Bayern bingo. Full marks to Vicky...

1956: Salomon Kalou is whistled for a foul - and what is that on his head? Kalou has something shaved into his head - dreadful. Looks like Spiderman's logo.

1954: Let-off for Chelsea as Arjen Robben is released over the top by Franck Ribery. He backs Ashley Cole up toward his own goal before cutting on to his left foot, but the shot is poor and flies over the top. Bayern have been impressive so far.

BBC Sport football pundit, and European Cup winner, Mark Lawrenson on 5 live: "It's important Chelsea don't get into the mindset of sitting back all the time because that will just invite the likes of Lahm forward all game."

1952: There's one man to get in that little quiz, he'll be gutted to be last picked. Chelsea break out for the first time and send Didier Drogba away down the right but his cross is too long and drifts out of play.

Rob Steer on Twitter:external-link "Re 1925. Claudio Pizarro, Brian Laudrup…"

1950: Bastian Schweinsteiger finds space easily outside the area and his shot is well charged down by Gary Cahill. Toni Kroos then lashes wide from 20 yards in a strong Bayern start.

Chelsea fans at the Allianz Arena
The Chelsea fans make their presence felt at the Allianz Arena

1949: First test for Jose Bosingwa at right-back as Franck Ribery runs at him, the Frenchman shows great strength to bounce off Bosingwa but then misses his kick altogether with the cross and falls over.

1947: We have a very early yellow card as Bayern's Bastian Schweinsteiger handles needlessly on the edge of the Chelsea box. Silly boy.

BBC Sport's chief football writer Phil McNulty on Twitter:external-link "The giant mosaic revealed by Bayern fans reads: "Our City. Our Stadium. Our Cup."

1945: KICK-OFF

1944: Here wo go then. You all ready...

Nicholas Swift on Twitter:external-link "Bayern will score but Tymo in defence worries me. He is a midfielder and is only 5ft 11in to Drogbra's 6ft 2in. This is THE key battle."

1940: We are in full razz-a-matazz mode in Munich now as dancers assemble a 20ft-long European Cup on the halfway line as an opera singer belts out some anthemic music. It's what football's all about. The players are on the pitch...

BBC Sport football pundit, and European Cup winner, Mark Lawrenson on 5 live: "Fernando Torres is warming up in his tracksuit bottoms and does not look like a man full of the joys of spring. He would have been hoping to start."

From Andy, Manchester, on text: "Re 1925. Ballack, Robben and Mark Hughes. I'll let others get the other three…"

There's three more up for grabs Andy but a good start.

1935: You may recall I told you that Fabio Capello was out on the pitch with John Terry an hour or so go - but he's told Italian media "I will not go to Chelsea." That's that one sorted then. Over to you Robbie...

1932: Chelsea caretaker boss Roberto di Matteo: "We had to take a lot into consideration. The suspensions and injuries. The fact [Gary] Cahill and [David] Luiz have been out means there is a higher risk of injury than others but anyone can get an injury. Florent Malouda picked up an injury on Sunday and couldn't train so we are trying Ryan [Bertrand] there. Bayern have picked the side we expected. We are prepared and ready."

1931: Bayern Munich pumping out 'Highway to Hell' by AC/DC at the minute. Magnificent work.

Fernando on text: "As a Bayern fan, I am terrified of Drogba. His physical presence and killer goal-poaching instincts are certain to hurt the less physical Bayern defence."

BBC Sport football pundit, and European Cup winner, Mark Lawrenson on 5 live: "I've seen Bayern on a few occasions this season and down the right with Lahm and Robben they are a real handful. I think that is part of Di Matteo's thinking with playing Bertrand as he knows they have got to stop those guys going down the right.

Allianz Arena
Will playing in their own Allianz Arena prove decisive for Bayern in tonight's final?

"As good as Chelsea were against Barcelona, home and away, they will face a different examination tonight. I think Bayern's front three are as good as any front three in the competition."

1925: A decent bit of football trivia has just been floating aorund the office so I'll share it with you all. There are six players who have played for both Chelsea and Bayern Munich. Name them...

BBC Sport chief football writer Phil McNulty at the Allianz Arena: "Suspended Raul Meireles & John Terry suited and booted on the touchline watching Chelsea warm up. They will feel like lonely men tonight."

1918: Here's the full list of English teams who have won the Champions League/European Cup. The club Chelsea are desperate to join:

Liverpool (won five times)

Manchester United (three times)

Nottingham Forest (twice)

Aston Villa (once)

Alex Leach on Twitter:external-link "Cannot see Chelsea's makeshift defence holding out against Mueller, Ribery, Robben and Schweinsteiger. 3-1 to Bayern."

1912: If David Luiz does end up playing in a sitting midfield role, I look forward to hearing Gary Neville analyse his positional play...

Big Phil on text: "I think there is a surprise formation for Chelsea tonight. Bertrand at right back, Bosingwa at centre-half and Luiz in front of back two."

What do you know that we don't Phil?

Mark, Stockport, on text: "Re 1835. How about The Cavern Club in Liverpool?"

BBC Sport chief football writer Phil McNulty at the Allianz Arena:

Chelsea's interim manager Roberto di Matteo has no doubts that his team can overcome the handicap of playing in Bayern Munich's stadium to win the Champions League. He said: "We have all the qualities that we need to win this competition. These qualities have taken us to this event here so I am positive and confident."

Bayern coach Jupp Heynckes tried out a little psychological warfare after Chelsea's semi-final win against favourites Barcelona as he said: "I know how hard it is to beat Barcelona. And now I'm left to wonder if Barça can't beat Chelsea, how can we?"

Tottenham defender Benoit Assou-Ekotto on Twitter:external-link "Tonight all the Spurs fans are allowed to switch a Spurs shirt to a Bayern shirt only during 90 minutes! Come on Munich - yes you can."

1904: This is Bayern's second Champions League final in three years. Jose Mourinho's Inter did a job on them in 2010, and Chelsea could do worse than follow suit here. Playing the final at their home ground is an unknown quantity though. It should be a huge boost, but if Chelsea can shut them out for the first half hour or so could the fans turn on their players?

Ross Carmichael on Twitter:external-link "How anybody can look at that Bayern line up and call it weak is beyond me, they have this in the bag."

BBC sports news reporter Dan Roan outside the Allianz Arena in Munich: "The Chelsea squad have had a quiet, relaxing day, as you would expect, in their city centre hotel. But their fans have been making themselves heard, despite being outnumbered as they make their way into the Allianz Arena. Approximately 35,000 are here, but only 17,500 have tickets. They are desperate to get inside and see if their side, after all those millions spent by Roman Abramovich, can claim European glory. I've been to a few Champions League finals but have never seen an atmosphere like this one in Munich. Around 1.2m Bayern fans applied for tickets and they are very confident and believe Chelsea are there for the taking. But Chelsea know they need a heroic display to earn Champions League football again next season."

1855: So where are the key duels tonight then? Didier Drogba will fancy his chances against Anatoliy Tymoshchuk in that Bayern defence - he's normally a midfielder and he's not the biggest. Bayern will look to get at Ryan Bertrand down their right through Arjen Robben, while Salomon Kalou will hve to track back against Franck Ribery. Fascinating match in prospect.

Chelsea's captain John Terry (centre) stands by the pitch before the start of the Champions League final
Chelsea's suspended captain John Terry surveys the scene in Munich

Opta Sports on Twitter:external-link "Ryan Bertrand is the first player to make his Champions League debut in the final (CL era)."

BBC Sport chief football writer Phil McNulty at the Allianz Arena:

"It could be a night for glory and farewells for Chelsea as they play Bayern Munich in their own Allianz Arena. It could be farewell for interim manager Roberto di Matteo and striker Didier Drogba - but the top priority is claiming the trophy owner Roman Abramovich cherishes above all others and one that has eluded him."


Bayern make three changes from the side that lost 5-2 to Borussia Dortmund in the German cup final, all because of suspension. Diego Contento replaces David Alaba and is likely to be joined in defence by Anatoliy Tymoshchuk, who is in for Holger Badstuber. Thomas Mueller starts in midfield in place of Luiz Gustavo.

Chelsea opted to rest a number of players for their final league game with Blackburn, but they have suspensions of their own to deal with tonight. The big news is that Ryan Bertrand starts in place of Ramires, presumably on the left-hand side of midfield. David Luiz and Gary Cahill, both of whom have had recent injury worries, start in the centre of defence to compensate for the loss of captain John Terry. Jose Bosingwa plays in place of Branislav Ivanovic at right-back. Didier Drogba starts up front with fellow striker Fernando Torres on the bench.

Anthony, London, on text: "As an Arsenal fan, I've decided to support Bayern tonight. I don't think I can bear the thought of Chelsea having bragging rights as the first London club to have won the Champions League. I can just about bear the alternative of seeing Spurs playing Champions League football next season."

1846: So the teams are in, we've got an hour to go - it's all getting too much. Both sides weakened by suspension of course, but who looks the stronger?

Chelsea v Bayern Munich (1945 BST)

Bayern Munich: Neuer, Lahm, Boateng, Tymoschuk, Contento, Schweinsteiger, Kroos, Robben, Mueller, Ribery, Gomez. Subs: Butt, Van Buyten, Petersen, Olic, Rafinha, Usami, Pranjic.

Chelsea: Cech, Bosingwa, Luiz, Cahill, Cole, Kalou, Mikel, Lampard, Bertrand, Mata, Drogba. Subs: Turnbull, Essien, Romeu, Torres, Malouda, Ferreira, Sturridge.

Referee: Pedro Proenca (Portugal)

BBC Sport chief football writer Phil McNulty in Munich: "Bayern Munich fans believe in an early start. They have already packed their end of the Allianz Arena - and are being rather noisy about it too."

1842: Former Chelsea player and manager Gianluca Vialli: "It means a lot to Chelsea. They started the season not so well and Robbie [Di Matteo] managed to turn it around. This would be best way to finish and for a lot of players it is their last opportunity.

"Some of the key players have been rested and Chelsea, physically, always perform well. Psychologically they could be better than Bayern, who got beat in their Cup final.

"The problem is suspensions and if Chelsea can defend against Bayern for 90 minutes. Robbie didn't have a lot to choose from so in that respect it is an easy team to pick and I'm sure they'll give 120%. They need to play the Italian way - not give away much at the back and hit on the break. When you have someone like Didier Drogba anything can happen."

1841: What a night for young Ryan Bertrand then, as he makes his Champions League debut. We expect him to start on the left of midfield to double up with Ashley Cole against the threat of Arjen Robben.

BREAKING CHELSEA TEAM NEWS: Ryan Bertrand does indeed start for Chelsea, with Didier Drogba up front and Fernando Torres on the bench. David Luiz and Gary Cahill are both passed fit to start in defence.

1836: I'm hearing that Bayern Munich were deluged with over a million applications for tickets for tonight's game. Madness, absolute madness.

1835: I wonder where Andre Villas-Boas is watching tonight?

1831: We should have team news for you in the next 20 minutes. It's filling up at the Allianz - you getting excited yet?

Ben on text: "As a Spurs fan, tonight for one night only I am a German. Towel down on the sofa to bag the best spot, check. Speedos on, check. Shrine to the Hoff on the wall, check. Becks in the fridge, check. COYBM!"

Suspended Chelsea midfielder Raul Meireles on Twitter:external-link "It's very frustrating to be suspended and not playing the final, but I have full confidence in my teammates and believe they'll make it tonight!"

1822: As we edge toward kick-off, some interesting stats have surfaced which show the importance of the first goal tonight.

Bayern have not lost when they have scored first in Europe this season (eight wins, one draw), but have lost the three games where they have conceded first. Interestingly, Chelsea have scored first in 11 of their 12 European games this season and first in both legs of the 2004/05 quarter-final between the two sides.

That could be behind Roberto di Matteo's team selection.

Arthur Wilson on Twitter:external-link "Think this is a step too far for Di Matteo's men, with a squad weakened drastically without the likes of Terry and Ramires."

1818: Here's former Chelsea and Bayern midfielder Michael Ballack: "This is very strange for me having played for both clubs. I had a great time with both.

"It's always difficult for all clubs if the best players are not playing. I had this before in the World Cup and couldn't play in the final through suspension. It is a horrible thing for a player.

"Chelsea can't be happy with this season in the league but they won the FA Cup so I think they have confidence. They have played better in the last few weeks and they deserve to be here after beating Barca. They are here in the final again and I think they are desperate. But I think the home advantage for Bayern is a big advantage."

1815: For the sake of authenticity Alex, you'd have to ensure that the wife's side of the family vastly outnumbered the groom's. I've been to weddings with as hostile an atmosphere as a cup final though, it has to be said...

Alex on text: "Only acceptable wedding would be a Champions League-themed wedding. Groom's side dressed as Chelsea with the wife's as Bayern."

Michael Roche on Twitter:external-link "RDM made big calls in Benfica that were raising eyebrows, proved to be a masterstroke! Hopefully Bertrand decision will be the same!!"

nononsensesince'89 on Twitter:external-link "En route to the Allianz. Phenomenal atmosphere in Munich but it's now a sea of red! Early general consensus is 3-1 either way!"

1809: John Terry's out there on the Munich pitch now, and he's joined by former England manager Fabio Capello of all people. Capello has been linked in some quarters with the Chelsea job of course. Scoping out his new captain?

William on text: "I got married last year on Champions League final day. First dance was put on hold until the match was over, three screens on at the reception showing the match."

Faultless performance

Tim G on Twitter:external-link "Amazing atmosphere here in Germany. Even those who usually hate Bayern praying for a Bayern win. English could learn from this!"

1803: There look to be plenty of people already taking their seats in the stadium, nearly two hours before kick-off. Soak it up.

1758: Back to Mark's text for a minute - who gets married on Champions League final day? Honestly. Obviously this June is out as well, although I've no doubt some fool will have scheduled a wedding in the middle of England v France. Do they not print fixture lists in bridal magazines?

1755: Do we have any readers out there in the fair city of Munchen? Get in touch. What a city - I've got a lot of time for the place.

Mark on text via 81111: "I'm a massive Chelsea fan with a huge conflict of interests tonight. Game kicks off 7.45, two uni mates' wedding reception starts at 8 just outside Reading. What to do?! Currently on train. Plan is to find a pub showing the game and hook up with some random Blues fans, then jump in a cab to the reception on final whistle. Extra time could be a problem!"

Sounds like you've got it nailed there Mark. Personally, I have to say that's rank bad planning from the two getting wed. At the very least they should provide TVs at the venue...

Jamie Hardesty on Twitter:external-link "Chelsea have to shut up shop & play on the counter, they can't afford to leave space behind their defence for Bayern to expose."

1744: You know it's a big game when the great and good of the wider sporting world start piping up. Tennis legend Roger Federer has been chatting to the BBC, he's a massive FC Basel fan. They were knocked out by Bayern en route to the final so he hopes Bayern win.

However, Roberto di Matteo was born and raised in Switzerland so the Fed is slightly torn. Make your mind up Rog! Always so neutral in Switzerland...

1740: There's certainly been a lot of chat about Ryan Bertrand coming into the Chelsea side tonight, but I'm not sure where we expect him to line up. On the left of midfield? There's no doubt that without the banned Ramires Chelsea look short of energy in midfield. We should know the teams in around an hour's time...

BBC Sport chief football writer Phil McNulty on Twitter:external-link "The expected selection of Ryan Bertrand is a gamble by Roberto di Matteo but he has been very much his own man doing this Chelsea job."

BBC World Service producer Joanne Smith in Munich: "Two hours until kick off and the chants have started. BBC World Service is coming live from a packed Hirschau beer garden in central Munich - extra tables and benches are being brought in for even more Bayern fans turning up. It's a sea of red, with not one Chelsea shirt on show. The only thing that's blue is the sky and there's plenty of beer being sold too!"

1733: The BBC News channel has caught up with some Bayern fans outside the Allianz Arena - and you'll be amazed to hear that they were in confident mood. One fan called the game as a 3-1 win for Bayern, after predicting that Chelsea will sit deep and look to play on the counter. He was gracious enough to concede that Jupp Heynckes' side are under massive pressure at home though, especially after their 5-2 cup final defeat to Borussia Dortmund last weekend. Do we expect a cautious Chelsea tonight?

Tom on text via 81111: "Extremly scared of Gomez against our defence. Praying for a Chelsea win after the heartbreak of Moscow and also for Lampard, he's been a great professional, a great servant and deserves this."

1726: Former Chelsea defender Frank Sinclair, who now works for Chelsea TV, has little doubt that centre-backs Gary Cahill and David Luiz will start after injury tonight.

"I spoke to Gary this week and I am sure both will start and that's a massive boost," Sinclair told BBC Sport.

"Hamstring injuries take time. If they are not ready, they are not ready. There is no fast process and rushing it would just do damage.

"But they have had a few days' training and the Chelsea medical staff are exceptional so I am 95% sure they will play. They are desperate to play and both players are prepared to put their bodies on the line."

Alex Batt on Twitter:external-link "Lose-Lose situation for Arsenal fans! If Chelsea win, Chelsea win! If Munich win, Spurs get Champions League! Tricky situation!"

1722: Chelsea's only previous Champions League/European Cup final experience - as if we could forget - ended in penalty shoot-out heartache in Moscow as Manchester United won the trophy four years go. Bayern are after trophy number five - but their first since 2001 - which would put them level with Liverpool. Only AC Milan and Real Madrid have more big cups in the cabinet.

1719: Ah, Mario Gomez. As worried Max says, he could be the major threat tonight. He's a real throw-back style of centre forward is old Mario, you hardly see him venture outside the width of the goalposts, but give him the ball in the box and he's deadly. He's bagged 42 goals in his last 51 games for club and country. Not too shabby at all.

Max, a Chelsea fan on text: "Re 1703, Will Mario Gomez have a field day against our defence? Potentially no Terry, Ivanovic, Cahill or Luiz. I'm worried."

1711: But if Chelsea lose the Champions League final, the top four teams qualify for next season's competition as normal, with the top three in the group stage and Spurs entering in the play-off round. Chelsea, as FA Cup winners, would enter the Europa League at the group stage.

Whether or not Chelsea win tonight, Newcastle will enter the Europa League in the play-off round, while Carling Cup winners Liverpool will join in the third qualifying round. Everyone got all that? There will be tests later...

1710: So if Chelsea win tonight, the top three teams - and Chelsea - will all enter the Champions League at the group stage, while Tottenham will instead enter the Europa League at the group stage.

1709: If Chelsea win the Champions League, they will take part in next season's competition as holders - but at the expense of the fourth-placed Premier League team who would normally qualify for the Champions League. So Tottenham...

1707: Paul, I'm here to help. Get yourself a notepad and take all this lot down...

Paul on text: "Tom, fancy confirming what a Chelsea win/loss means for England's European qualifiers? Particularly the stages at which Liverpool, Newcastle and Tottenham/Chelsea will enter the Europa league, I'm confused!!"

1703: But before you Chelsea fans give up hope altogether, Bayern will not be at full strength either. They are missing Luis Gustavo - the hatchet man in midfield - while left-back David Alaba and centre-half Holger Badstuber are also banned. Could Didier Drogba have a field day against a second-string defence?

1701: To start with, Chelsea have fitness doubts over defenders David Luiz and Gary Cahill. They are definitely without captain John Terry of course, after his ridiculous red card at the Nou Camp. Also banned for the Blues are Branislav Ivanovic, Raul Meireles and Ramires.

1658: Tonight promises to be one of the biggest nights in the lives of the 22 players who start the game - but what about those ruled out? A whole host of top names will be in the stands thanks to injury and suspension...

London Mayor Boris Johnson on Twitter:external-link "Best of British to the Blues in Munich tonight. London will be cheering for you to bring home the cup!"

Tom on text via 81111: "Hoping for a Bayern win purely because of how the senior players undermined Andre Villas-Boas. They don't deserve a win."

1653: Speaking of next season's Premier League, West Ham will be back in the top flight after their 2-1 win over Blackpool in this afternoon's play-off final. Ricardo Vaz Te grabbed the late winner.

1652: Yep, as well as the pride of winning the trophy tonight, this final could have a big say in next season's Premier League season. Should Chelsea win, they will enter the Champions League along with Manchester City, Manchester United and Arsenal. A Bayern win tonight though, and Tottenham will be in the Champions League. An added extra to the day's play...

BBC Sport chief football writer Phil McNulty in Munich: "The centre of Munich is awash with red and blue as Bayern Munich and Chelsea fans relax in the sun ahead of tonight's Champions League Final. Plenty take refuge near a spray fountain - some taking refuge in it."

Nick Butcher on Twitter: external-link"One of the biggest games in Spurs' history....& we're not even playing! Glory Glory Bayern Hotspur."


So whether you're a die-hard Chelsea fan who couldn't make it out to Germany, a patriotic Englishman who wants to see the Blues win the cup for Blighty, or a Tottenham fan who is praying that Bayern cruise to a win which would see Spurs in next season's Champions League - we want to hear from you. You can tweet us using the hashtag #BBCFootballexternal-link or text in on 81111. REMEMBER TO PUT YOUR NAMES ON THEM though. Nice one.

1643: It's been a long road to the final for Roberto di Matteo's Chelsea, but after seeing off Barcelona in the semi-final no-one can deny they deserve their place. As for Bayern boss Jupp Heynckes, he's had the pressure all season of trying to make it to a final on his own turf. And after a penalty shoot-out win over Real Madrid, the champagne was put on ice. We're only three hours from kick-off now and the whole city will be jumping. Can Chelsea spoil the party?

1635: Hello, good afternoon and guten tag! There's a party going on in Munich, and we're all invited. So round up a few mates, get the steins in and whack some pork products in the oven. OK, it may not be quite as good as being in Bavaria, but here in text land we're still well up for a good old England v Germany clash. Yep, it's Bayern v Chelsea in the 2012 Champions League Final. Welcome aboard...

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