Nottingham Forest on the brink of a takeover

Nottingham Forest's new club sponsor says a takeover of the club is imminent while the Reds chief executive Mark Arthur has admitted there is interest from more than one party.

Adam Pye, who is the managing director of new sponsor John Pye & Sons, told BBC East Midlands Today: "It is imminent we are told and so exciting.

"Hopefully we will be talking to you in 10 days time with more exciting news."

Arthur added: "There is good interest in the club, not from just one party."

The Reds chief executive continued: "We do not know who they are and where they come from.

"We are hopeful the new owners will be in for the start the season, but we can't say that for certain.

"The process is not being handled by anyone at Nottingham Forest and all that John Pelling [finance director], Frank Clark [chairman] and myself do is answer questions that are put to us.

"It is a very difficult situation for everyone working at Nottingham Forest, it is a very difficult situation for all the fans. We are in it together.

"There is no timescale at the moment. We have told them the dates of when players report back and when they season starts.

"If the owners are to have an impact on next season they need to be in Nottingham the sooner the better."

Forest have been for sale since October 2011 when Nigel Doughty resigned as chairman but his death in February has made the sale more complicated.

The club's sale is being handled by merchant bank Seymour Pierce.