Euro 2012: FA to challenge Uefa's disciplinary proceedings

England fans

The Football Association will challenge Uefa over the disciplinary proceedings relating to England fans' behaviour during the win against Sweden.

The investigation surrounds an attempted invasion of the pitch, according to a statement on the European governing body's website.external-link

Uefa's Control and Disciplinary Body will discuss the matter on 20 June.

It is understood the FA will submit written evidence to Uefa ahead of the hearing on Wednesday.

The FA will cite the report from the Uefa match delegate, which described the behaviour of England fans as satisfactory.

Although they may accept there was some encroachment by fans following the second and third goals during England's 3-2 victory against Sweden in Kiev, they will argue it was exuberance.

They will also be critical of the stewarding at the match and the lack of seat management.

The governing body has issued a number of punishments since play at the tournament in Poland and Ukraine began more than two weeks ago.

The Football Union of Russia received a suspended six-point deductionexternal-link for the Euro 2016 qualifiers after supporters set off fireworks and displayed illicit banners during the group A clash with the Czech Republic on the opening day.

The Croatian Football Federation were fined €25,000 (£20,100) following similar incidentsexternal-link during the Group C match against the Republic of Ireland.

Further fines have been imposed on the German Football Association after their supporters were found to have thrown paper missiles onto the pitchexternal-link and the Portuguese Football Federation for a delayed kick-off to the second half during their meeting.