Truro City pay their remaining wages of their squad

Truro City

Blue Square Bet South side Truro City have paid their squad the wages they were owed for last season.

Players had agreed to take a 50% deferral earlier in the year as the club faced financial problems and a High Court winding-up petition.

The squad will meet club management later this week to discuss next season.

Earlier this week Truro had a winding-up petition deferred for four weeks after it was claimed it owed more than £700,000 to four creditors.

"I've spoken to a few of my fellow players and as far as I'm concerned everyone that I've spoken with believes that they've been paid all monies that have been outstanding," striker Stewart Yetton told BBC Radio Cornwall.

"We entered an agreement with the chairman Kevin Heaney quite a while ago in terms of a payment deferral.

"That's what's been kept to and we've received the payments a week or 10 days later than we expected it."

Truro suffered debt problems for most of last season and were served two winding-up petitions by HM Revenue and Customs for unpaid taxes.

They paid-off the first tax debt in January but HMRC served a second winding up petition two months later.

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