James Brent says Plymouth Argyle have big enough budget

Plymouth Argyle owner James Brent says manager Carl Fletcher has a sufficient budget to fund a side capable of pushing for promotion.

"We have a budget that I think both the management team and the board is hopeful will give us a fair chance of promotion this season," Brent said.

So far Argyle have only added two new players to their squad this summer.

Goalkeeper Rene Gilmartin and striker Paris Cowan-Hall have moved to Home Park, but Brent says Argyle have been outbid on a number of targets.

"I think he (Fletcher) felt that there was a level that he thought was appropriate to pay for a couple of players and clubs in a higher league were determined that they wanted to pay more.

"Carl was very understanding about it, there was no issue.

"Carl's a very shrewd guy and the pot he's asked for is in two parts, to bring in some additional talent now, and secondly he's keeping a bit back to afford to add to the team in the event that he needs to."

Brent completed his takeover of Argyle last October after the club were in administration.

And despite those money worries in the past, Brent says Argyle will incur a loss with their current budget this season.

"We've set a budget for this year which results in us incurring a loss this year, but a smaller loss than we incurred last year.

"But the important thing is that it's fully funded in the budget - there's money there to pay for it."

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