Guernsey captain Sam Cochrane excited for Exeter challenge

Sam Cochrane

Guernsey FC captain Sam Cochrane says he is "over-excited" at the prospect of taking on League Two side Exeter City in their opening pre-season game.

The Green Lions host City on Friday before taking on Poole Town on Sunday.

"I'm over-excited, I've got to calm myself down - I can't wait to play," Cochrane told BBC Guernsey.

"They're a professional side and will be a class outfit, so to play against a fully professional side is an amazing experience," Cochrane added.

And despite taking on more experienced opposition, Cochrane says Guernsey will not change from their attacking tactics.

"We won't change the way we play because we're playing against a professional side, we'll still go out and try and score goals.

"It's not about the result, we don't expect to beat them, but we expect to enjoy ourselves."