Fabrice Muamba could be offered Bolton role

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Muamba always welcome at Bolton - Coyle

Bolton boss Owen Coyle says the club are open to offering Fabrice Muamba a role at the Reebok Stadium following the midfielder's retirement.

Muamba, 24, announced his decision to call time on his playing career after receiving medical advice from doctors.

"If he wants to come in and have a look at the coaching side of things then we are only too happy to help him with that," said the Bolton manager.

"We are very much a family club and we only want to help the people with us."

Fabrice Muamba

Coyle added: "He knows it is an open door here and if he wants to come in every day I would love to have him here every day. We love him to bits, he knows that and he knows the feeling we have for him and that will never change.

"Ultimately it is up to Fabrice what route he decides to go down. We would welcome him with open arms in terms of what we can do getting him on that road."

Muamba's decision to retire comes just six months after he suffered a cardiac arrest, with doctors saying he was "in effect dead" for 78 minutes.

He was given 15 defibrillator shocks before his heart started beating again, taking 48 minutes between collapsing and reaching the London Chest Hospital, and a further 30 minutes once at the hospital.

Muamba then spent around four weeks in intensive care, before being discharged from hospital on 16 April.

He then returned to the Reebok Stadium before Bolton's match with Tottenham on 2 May, to thank the Bolton supporters.

"At this given time we have to leave Fabrice to absorb [what has happened] with his family and when the dust settles he will have many, many options," said Coyle.

"He is a very clever lad, he is multilingual and from our point of view as a football club we will always look to support him in whatever he wants to do."

Former team-mate Kevin Davies says he has no doubt Muamba will become a success in whatever he chooses to do next.

"I am sure he has something to offer. He has become quite an influential figure in football," said Davies.

"I will certainly help as I need to do my [coaching] badges as well. I am sure at the moment he cannot think about anything because he is very disappointed but I am not worried about Fab, whatever he decides to do he will be successful."

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