Telford's Luke Hubbins says more to come after Ramadan

Luke Hubbins

AFC Telford winger Luke Hubbins thinks his form will get even better now Ramadan has come to an end.

Hubbins, 21, has made an impressive start to his Telford career following his summer arrival, but he started the season at his new club whilst fasting.

"I know there's more to come from me. I'll have more energy and the aim's to stay in the side and show what I can do," Hubbins told BBC Radio Shropshire.

"I've lost about half a stone in weight," he added.

"I was eating between half past eight at night and about four in the morning.

"Ramadan is a month when Muslims try to get close to God. We fast in that month.

"I was a Christian before, but I've been a Muslim for the last five years. I read up on Islam. A few members of my family became Muslims and I've always been religious. I think Islam is the truth."

The former Birmingham City youngster became Andy Sinton's first signing of the summer.

And his manager said: "He's been outstanding. When you bear in mind he hasn't been able to eat or drink during daylight hours, he's made a remarkable contribution.

"He has plenty of pace and we're expecting even more from him now."

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