Steve Kean 'has not seen' new Blackburn Rovers signings play

Blackburn Rovers manager Steve Kean

Blackburn Rovers manager Steve Kean has admitted he has not seen any of his three deadline day signings play live.

Kean told BBC Radio Lancashire that Grzegorz Sandomierski, Nuno Henrique and Diogo Rosado were all recommended by global advisor Shebby Singh.

"They're in the club now and we can have a real look at them," said Kean. "I've not seen them play live.

"Shebby Singh was very excited about them coming here and was telling me how good they were."

The Scot continued: "We feel as though we can improve any player that comes to the club and also integrate them as quickly as possible.

"Shebby went to see Nuno Henrique play for Academica on the Friday before we played Leicester and told me he played very well.

"The reports we have for Greg, who has played a lot of first-team football, are good but I've not seen him play myself."

Singh, a former Malaysia international who had been working as a football pundit in Asia, was appointed to the role at Blackburn in June. Singh says owners Venky's have tasked him with "doing whatever he has to do" to win promotion.

Blackburn signed 12 new players between the end of the season and the conclusion of the transfer window.

They broke their transfer record on Thursday, paying Huddersfield £8m for striker Jordan Rhodes.

Six of the other 11 new arrivals are from Portugal and Kean is confident that they will be able to adapt quickly to the English game.

"These players have been identified by Shebby and he's been very excited about the technical abilities of these players," he added. "You can't have too many good players.

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New arrivals will adapt, says Kean

"I would like to work with them really intensely over the next couple of weeks because we all know how difficult it is.

"We've seen it with some players coming from foreign countries before, even with senior players like Michel Salgado when we had him here.

"We need to push them as quickly as possible into the intensity that we train, which I know is different to how they train abroad.

"It will hit them between the eyes straight away, but the sooner they can get involved with it, the better. If they show the signs that they can compete straight away, they'll get thrown in."

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