Kevin Blackwell hopes Real Madrid experience helps Bury

Kevin Blackwell says techniques learned whilst watching training sessions at clubs such as Real Madrid will help him in his new role as manager of Bury.

He has travelled the world to experience different styles of coaching since leaving Sheffield United in 2010.

"Course you can apply those things, but it won't be about the infrastructure," said the 53-year-old.

"It will be about coaching techniques, new stretching, a bit of psychology and different sorts of drills."

Blackwell continued: "I was very impressed with Sao Paulo in Brazil. They invited me over there for a month and it was fantastic.

"I'm not saying that [we're going to play like Brazil]. Fans say they want to play like Barcelona but they've got Bognor Regis players.

"You've got have common sense as a manager. You've got to try and get results.

"Arsene Wenger made a great statement. He said: 'If you want to know how good a coach you are, show me your players.' So it's up to the players to show how good a coach I am."

Blackwell has also spent time in the United States and Nigeria to increase his knowledge of the world game.

His first game in charge of the Shakers is away at Stevenage on Saturday.

of lifting Bury, who are bottom of League One and without a win this season, away from relegation trouble.

And he told BBC North West Tonight that he understands size of the task in front of him, but that will not stop him dreaming of realistic success for the club.

"It's a tough one but we've got a great set of lads here," added the former Leeds and Luton manager.

"Bury aren't loaded with money so it's all about how you develop something on a shoestring budget. I suppose my record at those clubs has been getting results with no money.

"We know we're not going to be competing with Manchester United and Manchester City but there's no harm in dreaming that you can, one day, get to the Championship.

"The club has got there once before, so let's have another go for it."