Truro City boss happy for players to play elsewhere

Truro City

Truro City manager Lee Hodges says he will allow some of his players to play for other clubs this weekend.

Financially troubled Truro do not have a game as they have been knocked out of the FA Cup and Hodges' players are not training with each other.

"A few have asked if they can be transferred and play for someone else, like one-match loans," Hodges told BBC South West.

"As long as they're playing in a division below ours we'll allow it."

Truro's squad have until the Football Conference's

City are after owner and left the club to fight

"It's hard for me to say to them 'don't tick over' when they can play for a local team and keep their fitness levels up," Hodges added.

"When we're not training it is more difficult, you ask them to be as professional as they can, they're all working, but they do a lot of stuff when they get home."

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