Sudan stripped of World Cup points

Sudan's Saif Ali

Fifa has stripped Sudan of its 2-0 win against Zambia in a 2014 World Cup qualifier because one of its scorers was ineligible to play.

The disciplinary committee of football's world governing body ruled that Saif Ali should not have played in the 2 June game in Khartoum.

Zambia protested that Ali played despite receiving yellow cards in previous competitive matches, including when he was sent off in the defeat by Zambia in an Africa Cup of Nations quarter-final in February.

Fifa declared the match "lost by forfeit by Sudan," awarding Zambia a 3-0 victory and with it the three points for a win.

The Sudan football association has also been fined US$6,430.

Zambia now leads Group D with six points from two matches, and Sudan falls to third place with one point.

Ghana are in second place with three points while Lesotho are bottom with a single point.

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