Donegal Celtic name Declan McGreevy as new manager

Declan McGreevy has been named as the new manager of struggling Premiership club Donegal Celtic.

The former Ards and Ballymena player, who was reserve team manager at DC, pipped Pat McAllister and Loughgall boss Colin Malone to the post.

McGreevy takes charge of a team lying second bottom and without a league win.

He said: "I'll get to work on dragging what a superb squad up the table. We're in a false position with great talent and now is the time to make it work."

McGreevy, 38, said he has "short-term and long-term" plans for the club.

"My short-term plan is survival in the Premiership. My long-term plan is to see our underage players embraced in a development plan that everyone benefits from," he added.

"We have too much talent in the locality that is not being tapped in to by Donegal Celtic, and I aim to change that."

McGreevy's management team will consist of former Larne manager Jimmy McGeough as his advisor, coaches Alan Young and John O'Kane, and one other yet to be named.

He also plans to ask the community why "a Celtic team in west Belfast" struggles to find support.

"People of west Belfast live a breathe all things Celtic, the green and white hoops, the tradition, the history," he said.

"I want to know reasons why a Celtic team in the area does not have people heaving through the turnstiles.

"I will ask for answers and I will be hell-bent on finding solutions. I am a proud west Belfast man, a Celtic fan.

"Donegal Celtic must be the pride and joy of the locality and fulfil its role in the community."