Colin Nixon says Glens squad 'had to make a stand' over wages

Glentoran player Colin Nixon has said that the squad was left with "no option" but to boycott training after not being paid wages for eight weeks.

The Glens squad, apparently with the support of the management, did not train on Tuesday evening.

This policy will continue until the players get firm indications that they are to receive their wages.

"Some players are struggling to get to training money wise. We had to make some sort of stand," said Nixon.

Glentoran have been embroiled in financial difficulties for a number of years and there have been previous instances when wages were not paid on time.

However, with the latest wage crisis dragging on for two months, Nixon said that the squad could not stand idly by.

"It's a very stressful time for everyone at the club and the players want to see Glentoran getting on an even footing as soon as possible.

"No player won't be available for matches and we'll all keep ourselves in good nick for matches.

"We understand that preparation might be affected but in saying that, we have to make some sort of stand and a majority voted and we all agreed on this course of action.

"No training will take place until money is given or promised or seen."

Veteran player Nixon has been acting at as a go-between during the crisis between the club chairman Terence Brannigan and the squad.

Nixon added that the club chairman and his directors "have been working hard to sort things out" but as yet there is no resolution.

The Glentoran defender called on the club's fans to continue to support the club during the current crisis.

"We actively encourage the fans to come out in their droves on Saturday as we know they do in times of crisis.

"It's a fantastic club and it's a privilege to play for it and we respect everybody involved in it. But unfortunately at this stage, it's down to simple economics."

Talks were understood to be continuing on Thursday afternoon and despite the current crisis, Nixon said that he expects matters to be sorted out before the festive period.

"In my heart of hearts, I would envisage all players being paid before Christmas and the club hopefully getting back on its feet."